Take three women who studied musical theatre together, combine it with exceptional wit and talent, and you’re going to be in for a good show. The Desperettes are a cabaret trio on a mission to ‘Get The D’ in their cabaret offering: A Lady’s Guide to the Art of Being a Wingman.

Full of well-known songs with fantastic lyrical edits, these women deliver a hilarious cabaret show expertly weaved together with tragic pick-up lines, dorky dance moves and an unfortunately-accurate audiobook guide. The Desperettes are Daisy (Belinda Hanne Reid), DeeDee (Natasha York) and Delilah (Lisa Woodbrook). The women enter down the aisle to slowly reveal their schmick suits and bright pink beehives.

We follow the journey of divorcee Daisy, keen and enthusiastic DeeDee, and young and inexperienced Delilah as they form ‘the wolf pack’ to hunt out men for each of them to go home with that night. They prepare for this by picking up an audiobook to guide them through the treacherous waters of flirting and attempting to pull a guy or two.

A Lady’s Guide to the Art of Being a Wingman packed a pleasantly surprising amount of character development. These women are women we all know, complete with all our insecurities and overcompensating. They are fiercely loyal to one-another as they find guys to try out their moves on. Expect pick-up lines you didn’t know you needed in your life and lingo that will sneak into your vocab.

Hanne Reid, York and Woodbrook present extraordinarily tight vocals and harmonies. While they focus on delivering hilarity, the moments of pathos in which their vocals shine are moving. They’re truly special. These ladies are born performers with enticing stage presence the entire time.

Purposefully wearing suits and falling into stereotypes of men, they masterfully highlight just how ridiculous the world of dating has become. While they discover the tactics employed these days through satire, it does create cause for concern. No wonder Tinder is so popular. The Desperettes astutely call attention to the hilarity that comes with trying to pick up.

These ladies had the crowd in the palm of their collective hand; every punchline packed a hearty laugh in response, every song had someone trying to sing along and the finale had everyone cheering, singing and clapping along. They’ve created the ultimate mash-ups of songs celebrating single life and motivating yourself to hit the clubs. The Desperettes nail the satire and deliver a memorable and sharp cabaret show.

A Lady’s Guide to the Art of Being a Wingman is energising, warm and tremendously entertaining. It’s three women owning their sexuality, making a remarkable point about the state of the dating scene and showcasing their talent brilliantly.

Daisy, DeeDee and Delilah are three ladies I’d certainly like to have a drink or two with!

A Lady’s Guide to the Art of Being a Wingman is on at The Butterfly Club until Sunday, 15 May 2016 before they head to Queensland and Edinburgh.