Catherine McClements (Rush, Tangle), Stephen Phillips (Winners & Losers), Grant Cartwright and Greg Stone will join a stellar troupe of actors to read three new plays by award-winning Melbourne playwrights Paul Galloway, Melissa Reeves, and Robert Reid at The Cybec Readings on 22, 23 and 24 November 2011 at 7pm at the MTC Theatre, Lawler Studio.

This year The Cybec Readings will present three fascinating new works from accomplished local writers. Paul Galloway, Melissa Reeves, and Robert Reid have all had work produced either by MTC or other major theatre companies. Reykjavik, Happy Ending and Eating Alone typify the great range, diversity, and depth of writing we have right here in Melbourne.

For the writers, play readings mark a turning point in the development of their work, giving them a chance to hear their words spoken and see an audience respond before honing the script further. From the audience’s point of view, here’s a chance to catch a great new play hot off the press.

The Cybec Readings are now being presented at the MTC Theatre, Lawler Studio for the third year.

by Paul Galloway (pictured)
directed by Matt Scholten
Tuesday 22 November at 7pm at the MTC Theatre, Lawler Studio
Cast Grant Cartwright, Zoe Ellerton-Ashley, Peter Houghton, Carl Nilsson-Polias, Roger Oakley, Stephen Phillips, Brad Williams
In 1972, world chess champion Boris Spassky faced challenger Bobby Fischer in Reykjavik, Iceland for what was billed the ‘match of the century’. The efficient Soviet chess machine had produced champion after champion for thirty years, but they’d never faced a threat like the American chess genius. It was a Cold War showdown. A temperamental and paranoid loner, Fischer had smashed every opponent on the way to the challenge match. Within the Soviet camp only Boris Spassky, who had beaten Fischer in all of their previous encounters, believed he had any chance of winning.

Happy Ending
by Melissa Reeves
directed by Aidan Fennessy
Wednesday 23 November at 7pm at the MTC Theatre, Lawler Studio
Cast Aljin Abella, Fanny Hanusin, Catherine McClements (pictured), Greg Stone, Maria Theodorakis, Gareth Yuen
Louise is a married woman in her forties, with a young son, Eric. She conceives a passionate attachment for Lu, a young male masseur at a Chinese massage joint in a large suburban shopping centre. Alternatively encouraged and discouraged by her girlfriend Liliana, Louise ferociously pursues her desire, enlisting the help of a Mandarin-speaking Australian businessman and his Chinese boyfriend, and earning the scorn of Jie, the self-possessed and opinionated owner of the massage business. Happy Ending is a comedy about desire, obsession and laziness.

Eating Alone
by Robert Reid (pictured)
directed by Adena Jacobs
Thursday 24 November at 7pm the MTC Theatre, Lawler Studio
Cast Anne Browning, Fiona Macleod
Alex Casey Collins hosts one of the most popular and controversial talk shows in drive time. A leading advocate of the pro-anorexia movement, she delights in offending the politically correct and defending the rights of anorexics everywhere. However, when one of her listeners takes her advice too far, Alex is called to account for her beliefs and to defend her lifestyle. Fighting for her job, her identity and the right to be thin, Alex Casey Collins takes on the media, the medical profession and the mothers of anorexics everywhere. Eating Alone is a satire about contemporary identity politics, media manipulation and the power of the gaze.

The Cybec Readings are proudly funded by The Cybec Foundation. Eating Alone and Happy Ending are MTC commissions supported by The Joan and Peter Clemenger Trust.

Reykjavik Tuesday 22 November 2011 at 7pm
Happy Ending Wednesday 23 November 2011 at 7pm
Eating Alone Thursday 24 November 2011 at 7pm

Venue The MTC Theatre, Lawler Studio
Tickets Adult $10 (or 3 plays for $24)*/ Under 30s $5
Bookings The MTC Theatre Box Office 8688 0800, or at the door
* 3-play package only available at the door or by calling 8688 0800.