2010 Emerging Artists Development Program

Ian Bliss, Margaret Mills and Chris Ryan are amongst a fantastic line-up of actors who have just been announced to read three brand-new Australian scripts in Melbourne Theatre Company’s Cybec Readings on 18, 19 and 20 November 2010 at the MTC Theatre, Lawler Studio at 7pm. See full casting details below. The Cybec Readings form part of the MTC Emerging Artists Development Program where emerging writers – Michele Lee, David Mence and Natasha Jacobs were partnered with emerging directors/ dramaturgs – Sarah McCusker, Anne-Louise Sarks and Petra Kalive to create a new script. The results of their six month collaboration will be presented as readings by a stellar cast next week at MTC’s Lawler Studio. As this will be the first time that these scripts will be publicly road-tested, the Cybec Readings give audiences the opportunity to view and to contribute to the on-going development of new Australian work.
Everyone knows that Canberra is the nation’s capital hole. Kylie Cole, having worked her life overseas, comes back to Canberra for her mother’s funeral. Over the course of a few days, her return sparks the upheaval of friendships and relationships, new and old, which spin around and around in the hole-y beauty of Australia’s blandest town. Beyond the shopping malls and renovated decks, there are mountains to be climbed, and skies to fall out of.
By Michele Lee
Director/Dramaturg Sarah McCusker
Thursday 18 November 7pm
Cast: Kerrie-Anne Baker, Natasha Herbert, Natasha Jacobs, Chris Ryan, Dylan Young and Gareth Yuen
The Gully
Australia, 2109. Catastrophic environmental collapse has rendered the continent a parched wasteland. Civilisation has all but dried up. Marauding bands of ‘crows’ roam the wastes making life nasty, brutish
and short. Yet in an old stone hut, hidden in a ravine, three men eke out an existence. They have stumbled onto a miracle: a freshwater creek. It is a secret that they will kill to preserve. Welcome to The Gully
By David Mence
Director/Dramaturg Anne-Louise Sarks
Friday 19 November 7pm
Cast: Ian Bliss, Amanda Falson, Margaret Mills, Tim Potter and Gareth Yuen
If I Can Dream
August 16, 1977 … Elvis has left the building. No. Not quite. The King Christ Church, led by Patricia Jenkins, believes that he will come again. And she’s right. He does come again. But she never thought it
would be like this. What would you do in the name of belief?
By Natasha Jacobs
Director/Dramaturg Petra Kalive
Saturday 20 November 7pm
Cast: Danielle Carter, Susie Dee, Richie Hallal and Terry Yeboah
Venue: The MTC Theatre, Lawler Studio Tickets: Adult $10 (or 3 plays for $24)* / Under 30s $5 Bookings: The MTC Theatre Box Office (03) 8688 0800, mtc.com.au