2010 Emerging Artists Development Program

Six of Australia’s young and emerging artists will present the second round of Melbourne Theatre Company’s Cybec Readings on 18, 19 and 20 November 2010 at the MTC Theatre, Lawler Studio.
Over the past six months, three writers (Michele Lee, David Mence and Natasha Jacobs) and three directors/dramaturgs (Sarah McCusker, Anne-Louise Sarks and Petra Kalive) were partnered and guided by MTC to each develop a new script. These fresh and exciting works will be staged as readings by some of Melbourne’s leading actors in the Lawler Studio.
MTC Associate Director Aidan Fennessy designed the program and paired artists who he thought would mutually benefit from the pairing: "This is a continuation of our highly successful 2009 Emerging Artists Development Program. What the Program does is provide support for these artists to examine and challenge their existing artistic process whilst engaged in the development of a new script-based theatrical work. This year we received funding from the Australia Council specifically to develop women directors. This year’s teams were paired in some instances because of their sympathetic artistic perspectives but some were teamed for exactly the opposite reason. One wonderful commonality between all artists chosen for this year’s program is the diversity and individuality of their respective artistic voices."
By Michele Lee
Director/Dramaturg Sarah McCusker
Thursday 18 November 7pm
Everyone knows that Canberra is the nation’s capital hole. Kylie Cole, having worked her life overseas, comes back to Canberra for her mother’s funeral. Over the course of a few days, her return sparks the upheaval of friendships and relationships, new and old, which spin around and around in the hole-y beauty of Australia’s blandest town. Beyond the shopping malls and renovated decks, there are mountains to be climbed, and skies to fall out of.
The Gully
By David Mence
Director/Dramaturg Anne-Louise Sarks
Friday 19 November 7pm
It is the year 2067. Australia has become a vast penal colony, cut off from the world. In this parched wasteland, devoid of all but a few last reserves of freshwater, three men eke out an existence in an old hut: their lives are nasty, brutish and short. They think of themselves as bushrangers, stealing water from anyone and everyone they can. Welcome to a world in which aspects of our colonial past, seemingly long forgotten, have strangely resurfaced. Welcome to The Gully …
If I Can Dream
By Natasha Jacobs
Director/Dramaturg Petra Kalive
Saturday 20 November 7pm
August 16, 1977 … Elvis has left the building. No. Not quite. The King Christ Church, led by Patricia Jenkins, believes that he will come again. And she’s right. He does come again. But she never thought it would be like this. What would you do in the name of belief?
The Cybec Readings are part of MTC’s Creative Development Program PreTEXT and are proudly supported by The Cybec Foundation. These plays were developed with the assistance of the Australia Council as part of their Young and Emerging Artists Programme.