Josh Staley is back in Melbourne with the magic festival.

He is performing two different back to back shows.

The conjurer at the card table is this first offering.

Its close up magic, that is to say, the audience is right up, and very close, in fact, some members can place their hands on the card table. The seating is such that everyone can see, and as usual with Staley’s performances just about everyone becomes a random participant.

A family-friendly display of incredible card magic, dispersed with aspects of comedy, keeps everyone entertained, I was amazed and blown away with Staley’s mastery and fluidics moving from one aspect into another is just as brilliant and at times breathtaking.

Everyone there appreciated his skill and craft, with head shaking “How the” moments.

The theme for the night continues to develop as each section of the theme is exposed running into the next magic segment.

The performance builds up to an epic conclusion, which has an elegant twist, leaving everyone completely satisfied and entertained there’s one additional element which, when presented, ultimately leaves the audience with the same thought.

“How,…. what the….. That’s impossible.”

Its a show, you will be talking to others about for some time.

Staleys second show “The comedian at the card table” which runs shortly after.

Its a completely different performance.

If you already booked for it, you will have a smile on your face.

If you didn’t, you will be kicking yourself.

Josh Staley is performing two different shows back to back at the Ultra Lounge, Level 1, 48 Clifton Street, Prahran, Victoria

11- 13 July  7:15pm – 8:15pm