Surely, you’ve been to the iconic Butterfly Club? Drank a cocktail whilst fresh from some comedy/cabaret/burlesque indie show that you had no idea that you would enjoy so much. Your eyes feasting on the walls of kitsch which seem to be constantly popping up with things you’ve never seen before… or maybe that’s just because you’re onto your 3rd delicious cocktail? The Butterfly Club is Melbourne’s iconic indie theatre home and it’s time to celebrate its birthday in style!

With a curated line up of the Club’s favourite performers, some of whom started their careers in these very walls (or it’s previous walls of the South Melbourne venue) this is not like any regular 20 years olds birthday party. This my friends will be an event.

The show itself will be at Max Watt’s (Swanston St) because even after 20 years the Club is just too small for something like this. Featuring some of the best acts that have performed at the Club paired with some of their own personal stories about the Club itself.

Hosted by Melbourne’s favourite cabaret wineo Tash York the line up of announced performers (so far) including Simon Taylor, Tina Del Twist, Trevor Jones, Jude Perl, Alice Tovey & Ned Dixon, Patrick Collins, Clara Cupcakes and a skinny man in the shape of Sammy J if he makes it on time (he will be rushing in from another gig, let’s see how that works out)

A 20 year old club that hosts over 1100 performances a year means there is going to be one hell of an invite list! Too popular for its own good the event will be hosted at Max Watt’s, because let’s face it, this gala turned party is set to be a sell out.

There will also be a limited number of tickets released for an after-party back at the Club. The Butterfly Club turns 20!  will be on the 25th November starting at 7pm and ending.. well probably when the bar is drank dry! Bookings are highly recommended.

Dates & Times: 7:00pm 25th November

Tickets: Show only at Max Watt’s : $50
Show + After-party at The Butterfly Club : $70

Photo Credit: Stano Murin