The Butterfly Club have a proud 18 year history of presenting independent cabaret, theatre, comedy, music and burlesque. This year, their  Melbourne Fringe program features 154 performances of 23 outstanding independent productions, each handpicked to showcase the very best of the Melbourne Fringe. It will be manic, it will be non-stop, it will feature a stunning array of theatre and cocktails.


The Melbourne Fringe Festival is a celebration of culture and variations of art for everyone. Every year Fringe features thousands of artists from every discipline, it is the place to go for pure, unadulterated, unexpected theatre, cabaret, burlesque, storytelling and comedy.

“We pride ourselves on our history of showcasing the weirdest, wackiest and riskiest performing arts in the country. Our 2017 Fringe program is an excellent cross-section of the broader festival program.” – Alexander Woolard, Artistic Director

2017 Program highlights include:

  • I’m Fine: Lucy Gransbury is two things: a seasoned performer and a nervous nut-job. With ‘anxiety’ being the new celebrity buzzword, Lucy and her mental health issues have never been more in fashion. I’m Fine is a show for everyone hanging on to sanity by the tips of their fingernails. Lucy shares stories about eating paper, songs about crying in public, and a super fun activity to unite the audience and make herself filthy rich (okay, it’s Big Foot porn. It’s relevant, we promise).

  • The Birth of the Unicorn Mermaid, if the title isn’t zany enough to catch your attention then I’m sure the glitter, the yummy mummies, the hairy monsters and the fact that Ruby Hughes is a Green Room nominee for Best Performer will do the trick.

  • Ugly Duckling: Duckie is an adopted,  Z-grade socialite who you could only compare to Kim Kardashian’s poorer, less insta-famous next door neighbour. Ugly Duckling combines all your favourite pop tunes like Lorde and Julia Michaels, with everything you loved about films like Clueless, Easy A and Ten Things I Hate About You.

  • Censorship, sex, scandals, love affairs, The Sin-Sational Rita & Mae portrays how good girls go to heaven and bad girls go to Hollywood. Rita Hayworth and Mae West were known as the Love-Goddess and the Queen of double entendre, made infamous for their portrayal of bad girls on screen and scandalous lives off screen. Watch International Cabaret Competition Award Winner Melody Beck and voice-over artist Lucinda Beck in their sister duo as they perform songs that shaped them through the past and present.

  • Purple Reflection: Remembering Prince, is a tribute to the man who gave us Kiss, Purple rain and Raspberry beret. It’s been more than a year since the world lost Prince, some are still counting the days. For Tanya Corocher, a woman who travelled across the world to the US for the one year anniversary of Prince’s death, it was pretty significant. Prince had been the soundtrack to her life, so it took all the courage she could muster to embark on this cathartic tribute in honour of her greatest musical influence.

  • Elizabeth: Lisa Crawley has opened for the likes of John Mayer and Jools Holland, she has played alongside music legends Tim Finn and Pete Murray. However, none of that is half as intimidating as opening up to audiences about what’s really going on inside her head when playing for tips. Elizabeth is a story of playing late night stints in some of Melbourne’s hidden hotel bars. The dirty winks from perverts, the rod Stewart look-a-likes and the countless drunk chicks who’d like you to keep it down.

  • Seen & Heard allows audiences to peek behind the curtains of professional burlesque, circus, vaudeville and cabaret audience, allowing some of Australia’s finest performers to tell the stories behind their signature acts. A stunning showcase of song, circus, dance, striptease and vaudeville, combined with the confessional art of storytelling made popular by story slams like The Moth.

The Melbourne Fringe Festival opens on 12th September and runs for three weeks. Bookings highly recommended.