The wolf is at your door. Trust no one. Suspect even your own shadow.

Suzanne Andrade, Esme Appleton, Lillian Henley and Paul Bill Barritt are the new British Theatre Co. 1927. According to their website: "1927 specialises in combining storytelling, live performance and music with animation and film to create original theatre. 1927 has mastered a delicate marriage of live music, animation, film, song and technology as a means of exploring innovative ways of telling stories. 1927 endeavours to reinvent old idioms: silent film, music hall song, fairytales and cabaret, to tell tales that are concerned with contemporary issues for a modern audience."

1927’s stuff crackles with the macabre and the eccentric and is an ingenious collage of silent film, white painted faces, music hall song, fairy tales and cabaret. Live music is synchronized with performance and storytelling as well as with film and animation.

Two years ago 1927 had a huge success at the Malthouse Theatre in the form of, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. That show had been compared to the German shock Fairy Tale Shockheaded Peter as well as filmmaker David Lynch. It was lauded as being for those fond of cartoons, silent movies and sight gags, another pre-requisite was to have a well-developed sense of irony and a somewhat sadistic sense of humour. It won a swag of awards worldwide  – including the 2007 Carol Tambor Best of Edinburgh Award, 2008 Peter Brook Empty Space Award and two nominations for 2008 New York Drama Desk industry awards.

The Animals and Children Took to the Streets is said to be more Betty Boop meets B-Grade movie with a hint of film noir. It chronicles a more enigmatic tale of dubious characters inhabiting a world where things aren’t quite what they seem and where the wolf is always at the door.

Through a fractal looking glass the play is set in a tenement block in a dystopian city (the Bayou), a beast is on the loose and its residents are ruled by fear. This Brave New World is a  place where a man’s shadow can grow a tail and the snout of a wolf; where mirrored reflections move out of time; where telephones grow legs and run away; and where an ever-present ‘beast’ is causing fear to ripple throughout the city. When Agnes Eaves and her daughter arrive, does it signal hope in this hopeless place, or has the real horror only just begun? Trust no one! Suspect even your own shadow! proclaims this spectacle of the imagination.

The Animals and Children Took to the Streets is at CUB Malthouse 113 Sturt St Southbank. November 9 – 28 2010 Bookings: 9685 5111. Prices $23 – $49+ Visit for more info.