Exploring what ‘normal’ actually means, the coming together of two very different but, in the end, similar families and the trials of love, secrets, growing up and all things creepy and kooky, The New South Wales University Theatre Society (NUTS) takes on their most ambitious production to date, The Addams Family Musical.

A grownup Wednesday Addams, confidently portrayed by Lali Gill, has fallen in love and wants to introduce her paramour to her family. Wanting only to keep his little girl happy, Gomez Addams, played by the standout of the show Aidan Kane, struggles to keep a secret from his lifelong love Morticia (Lisa Gluckman). The meeting of the Addams family and the Beineke family, aided by a misguided potion from Pugsley Addams (Sasha Cole), initially set the families on a collision course but, in the end, true love prevails – in all forms!

For an amateur production, there certainly were some standout elements. A very tight (albeit sometimes too loud) 12-piece orchestra, impressive costumes and makeup and some well done stage pieces. Opening night had some usual opening night bugs, with missed microphone and lighting cues, off sound mixes and a couple of prop failures.

Addams Whole Cast

The cast of The New South Wales University Theatre Society’s The Addams Family

The stronger numbers of the show were ‘When You’re an Addams’, ‘Full Disclosure’ and ‘The Moon and Me’. Unfortunately, some of the other key moments, such as ‘Crazier Than You’, were affected by the microphone and sound issues.

The true strength of this production, however, lies in its actors. Gill as Wednesday, Dave Collins as the hilarious and heart of the show Fester, Gluckman as Morticia, and Sinead Cristaudo as Alice Beineke were all a joy to watch, but Kane as Gomez simply stole every scene he was in. These are all names to watch in the future and one of the delights of seeing productions like this – to be able to say “I saw them when …”

All round, this was an entertaining production and I hope it encourages NUTS and director Carly Fisher to take on further ambitious projects for upcoming seasons.