WHEN it comes to live amateur comedy, there can be a certain hesitation amongst audiences. In a medium that is so subjective, it can be hard to please everyone, let alone attract a crowd to begin with. Nevertheless, the team at BustCo must be doing something right as their approaching annual comedy revue is back for its 8th consecutive year.

Co-directors Ashleigh Phillips and Caitlin Lamont have been hard at work with their talented cast of eight over the past months in preparation for “Boom Tish!” which is part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.
“It’s super busy! … It being such a positive experience also makes us want to put in all the hard work, but it definitely takes up a lot of your time! Having the rehearsal process as a collaborative effort with the whole cast involved in sketch writing is fantastic because we all contribute and work really well together,” says Phillips.

Both Phillips and Lamont are grateful for their “amazing cast” and have relished all of the opportunities that come with co-directing the show.
“Directing the show has come with its challenges, but we’ve shared responsibilities and co-operated well, plus we’re still planning on moving in together at the end of the year! You can expect a ring on these fingers any time now… but seriously, no hate. We’re great… and we rhyme.”
Jokes aside (for now), they say one of the most difficult aspects of putting together a sketch show is deciding what makes the final cut.

“[We] make the final decisions… Finalising the sketch list has proven to be quite difficult! Picking an order that showcases the sketches and that evenly spreads out the stage time of each comedian has been tricky!”
The ladies remain confident that the layout of a sketch-comedy show has enough variety to keep their audience engaged and entertained.

“[It’s] great because even if you’re not too keen on one sketch, it’ll be over in 30 seconds and you’ll have a new one to laugh at!”

Audiences can expect around 80 original skits in “Boom Tish!” which begs the question – what is the secret to the perfect sketch?

“Audiences love puns! They’re puntastic! See what we did there… man we’re punny… WE DID IT AGAIN! Plus, don’t keep a sketch going after the punch line.”

The 8th Annual Deakin Comedy Revue – Boom Tish!” runs from April 5-21 at The Colonial Hotel. For more information on the show plus photos, videos and other promotional fun packs, "Like" The 8th Annual Deakin Comedy Revue – Boom Tish on Facebook via www.facebook.com/BuSTCoBoomTish