Grover Theatre Company launched their very first play, Cosi, last year to much praise, and are hoping to follow their artistic endeavours this year with the first instalment in their Awkward Trilogy, That Awkward Moment.

Created in 2015 by young artist, Hannah Bird, GTC is all about fostering a healthy and supportive environment for all who may want to enter the theatrical arena. Bird is passionate about her work, and with a love of theatre running through her veins (her parents ran the highly lauded Fabulous Nobody’s Theatre Company) she is intent on making her mark.

This show is written by Bird and was first performed in 2014. It is a series of three plays about the Jones’ family. These will be performed over the course of this year.

The play addresses the stresses evident in  any wedding as unsure groom Evan Moore and enthusiastic bride Janice Jones are about to find out just how much stress this supposedly happy occasion can cause. Throw in an estranged sister, trouble-making groomsmen and warring parents, this may not be a recipe for a successful wedding, but it definitely will be an entertaining one.

Director, actor, and father of Hannah, Tony Bird, spoke to me about the play’s significance to him on a personal level; the themes explored; his role in it; his daughter’s company and why this is  must see show.

Read on for Tony’s comments:

 This play and the subsequent 2nd and 3rd parts are significant because they were written by my daughter and I wanted to direct them all as I fell in love with her style of writing and am keen to support her and her company in any way I can. We have already presented the 1st part twice, once for a 4 show run in Croydon and the next time as part of the Comedy Festival. Hopefully we can get these plays published and made available to other companies for performance.


The biggest theme present in ‘That Awkward Moment’ and definitely something that carries through all of the plays is redemption of character; whether it be a prodigal child returning or siblings forgiving each other for past wrongs. Another would be the importance of family and mateship – everyone in the play is connected in some way by either a family connection or being past friends and that’s the feeling we have all tried to create as a cast. The writer has made sure the language and the references are accessible to older generations and newer alike, so the humor is translatable to all ages. It’s very quick and calls back to many of our favourite sitcoms growing up, so if you enjoyed them, you’ll enjoy this. 

 GTC has come from the mind of my daughter Hannah, who was a little tired with seeing a bit of a darker and competitive culture in theatre, so she decided to create a place where her friends could come and hang out and create shows. She modeled it off my former company, ‘The Fabulous Nobody’s’. 

 The mission statement is: ‘GTC is a new company aiming at promoting a healthy and supportive environment for anyone who wants to explore their theatrical and creative nature. Founded by Hannah Bird in 2015, it took her two years to create the amazing environment people are experiencing now. Hannah hopes to bring in people who love theatre as it should be; raw, passionate and free from negative energy. They will hopefully perform innovative, fun works that challenge society and make audiences walk away having gained something from their experience.’

Hannah hopes to perform a healthy mix of classic plays, new musicals and original works while making sure that artists of all experience levels have a chance to show what they can do. 

 The part I play was actually written with me in mind, so it’s a fairly easy role to learn. The only challenge is trying to take in the big picture when everyone is on stage & madness ensues. I rely on my Assistant Director & the other more senior members of the cast to have input also.

 If you’re looking for a laugh and a good night out you’ll enjoy this show. It’s full of colorful characters that everyone should be able to relate to. It’s an original work, something that has only been seen by very few and something you’re definitely bound to walk away from smiling.

July 3 – July 7

VENUE: Stageworx – 3/21 Stud Road Bayswater