Temperance Hall presents SICK, a landmark cross-generational dance performance that will move audiences through an entertaining and immersive shared visceral experience purposely designed to shifts perceptions around artists – and everyone – with disability.

The culmination of a three-year collaboration between Phillip Adams and Ryan New, SICK critiques notions and expectations of artists with disability, in an attempt to reframe the debate.

‘Sick’ contains associations beyond its definition of physical and mental illness. For Ryan, a person with autism, ‘sick’ implies an impulse to act out of the ordinary with his body and thoughts. In this work, Phillip and Ryan turn the negative on its head, taking inspiration from the slang connotations of the word as ‘cool’ or ‘fabulous’.

Beginning the journey of creation as mentor and mentee, Phillip and Ryan find themselves unexpectedly challenged. Forced by their own design into a marriage of intense physicality and arresting visual imagery, their initial roles of master and student become interchangeable as they learn from one another and meld their disparate quirks, foibles, histories and limitations into a singular piece – SICK.

SICK speaks about the beauty and awkwardness of two disparate bodies striving, moving and failing together in a personally exposing quest for shared grace. Choreographic quirk is accentuated by the glam-shock meets rhinestone-biker-trash aesthetics of artist Jake Preval’s visual design.

9 – 12 February

Bookings: www.temperancehall.com.au