If you’ve ever had a panic attack while having sex, been overly emotional in a children’s film or just think way too much about stationery then perhaps like Tash York you haven’t found your inner badass.

After huge success with her award-winning, 5-star show Adulting, York is bringing her brand new comedy cabaret Badass to the Melbourne Fringe.

As a long-time sufferer of anxiety one of Melbourne’s most charming cabaret performers, Tash York, has decided to write a new show to face her issues head-on. With 1 in 5 Australians suffering from some sort of mental illness, York wanted to write a show that not only normalised what people deal with on a daily basis also put on a kick-ass comedy cabaret show. The show coincides with RUOKAY Day which is a national awareness day for Mental Health in Australia and the show will be taking donations for this great cause.

Growing up as a bit of a tomboy, York always strived to be a badass. Typically a badass is a person who is loud, tough and uncompromising with a willingness to cuss like a sailor!  “Feeling stressed and worried is all part of the job while being a performer, but when you suffer from anxiety sometimes this can become the norm for no reason at all.. You know with the voices in your head telling you you’re never enough… right people, right?” she laughs. “For me feeling like a badass helps me keep my anxiety at bay and gets me through the day to day and this show is my journey through all of that,” she continues.

Like her previous work, Badass follows Yorks signature style including parodied pop songs, raps, hilarious true stories, improvised numbers and a whole lot of heart. Known for her ballsy voice, dynamic energy and an uncanny ability to rap on command, York will be sure to provide an evening of matchless comedy-cabaret in her latest solo show Badass. She cannot wait to make her Chapel Off Chapel solo show debut and it all kicks off on “RUOK Day” 12th September* with donations and information packs available to the charity.

* $2 from every ticket sold on the 12th will go to the charity and donations will be taken from each night of the performance.

September 12 – 14