Red Line Productions presents the World Premiere of


 by Steve Rodgers
Directed by Blazey Best

 at Sydney’s Old Fitz Theatre from August 1

“Do you know how many times I’ve told this story?
Cops, counsellors, the family court … I mean, fuck.”

One Woman. Four Men. She could be with any one of them.

At 22, on a date on the Gold Coast.
At 31, moving into an apartment in Albert Park.
Or at 40, happily married with a nine-year-old son living in Campsie.
Four very different worlds share an identical space; our homes.


Ella Scott-Lynch will star in King of Pigs (Photo by John Marmaras)

King of Pigs throws us into a blistering series of reality pockets. Each glimpse we get provides a momentary view of a vast panoramic lie. It’s a lie every man tells himself privately but every woman lives with publicly.

Featuring Ella Scott-Lynch (Love Child, Newton’s Law, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries), Christian Byers (Friday on my mind, Riot), Ashley Hawkes (Bite Club, The Checkout, Songs for the fallen), Mick Bani, Kire Tosevski – with Thom Blake and Wylie Best – and directed by Blazey Best, King of Pigs is a direct response to the nature of power and the way men licence themselves to abuse it.

King of Pigs was developed with Playwriting Australia at the National Play Festival and in the National Script Workshop.