Suzie Melloy is a swing in Anything Goes. She shares her top 10 things about being a swing.



1. You get to play all the parts of the ensemble – Tash and I cover the 8 ladies of the ensemble, we have 4 first covers and 4 second covers

2. If you’re lucky (like we were) you’ll get to go on for the opening night finale, which was such a buzz to be part of the hype!

3. At first I thought I’d have to squeeze into everyone’s costumes when I went on for their track- but you actually get your own set of costumes tailor made for you

4. You also get your own wig made, designed from scratch and moulded to your head

5. There’s plenty of time backstage to get to know crew, dressers, cast; it’s a very friendly team and we have a lot of fun – and that’s what it’s all about!

6. You really learn so much by watching everyone so closely- you can see how the show develops, how performers grow over time and also how they take direction

7. As a first big contract- it’s a great opportunity to see how one should act professionally in the rehearsal room and at the theatre. And who better to learn off than the greats such as Caroline O’Connor and Wayne Scott Kermond!

8. Although it would be fun to be on stage every night, we get other perks like being able to workout in the green room, we’re doing a ‘squat challenge’ every night at the moment, or do Pilates, watch TV, we’re allowed to play ping pong and darts and of course the friendships you form with your swing family become very strong as we are each other’s lifelines!

9. Having a swing girl buddy is amazing, as whatever I don’t write down she will and vice versa so we really help each other out- otherwise you’d go a bit crazy trying to watch 8 girls at the same time

10. Being a swing on your first contact is a great start to your career- it shows that you can adapt and be reliable to learn many different plots so it’s a great thing to have on your CV.



Suzie Melloy


Anything Goes is now playing at the QPAC, Brisbane.

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