Ashley Lucey-Jannert is already a veteran of the Victorian State Schools Spectacular (VSSS). This talented year 9 student from Rowville Secondary College is performing in her seventh VSSS. It was her older brother who first inspired Ashley Lucey-Jannert to get involved with this truly spectacular event.

“In 2012 he was a principal dancer. I used to love going to his rehearsals and sitting outside the rehearsal room and watching them practice. I just loved it. I was only little, I was only about 6 or 7, I just loved looking up to, at the time, all the big kids and just watching them dance. So that was when I decided that next year I wanted to be on the other side of the window, actually in the rehearsal and actually getting to perform on stage,” explained Lucey-Jannert.

Ashley Lucey-Jannert recalls the excitement of her very first VSSS experience, as probably the youngest member of the Victorian State Schools Choir.

“I was so excited and full of adrenaline!”

Ashley Lucey-Jannert spent two years in the Victorian State Schools Choir, but knew then that one day she wanted to become a principal performer.

“We have this special rehearsal at Spec, called the Melbourne Town Hall rehearsal where all the mass choir comes together with the backing vocalists and the principal vocalists and we all just have a big sing through of the show together. I remember my very first one, looking up at the principal vocalist, and just thinking to myself that’s where I’m going to be. Like, I’m going to get there one day. And then I did!” exclaimed Ashley Lucey-Jannert.

After her years in the choir, she became an ensemble dancer and vocalist before finally reaching her goal last year of principal vocalist. This year Ashley Lucey-Jannert is a Principal Dancer and Principal Vocalist.

“I’m singing one song this year called ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ but I’m dancing in a lot more!” said Lucey-Jannert.

Achieving her goal has meant attending weekly rehearsals throughout the year. It’s a huge time commitment for all involved and it means having to make sacrifices and give up other opportunities, such as socialising with friends or working, but it’s all worthwhile.

“I get to production week, and the day of the show, and I’m on stage and I’m just living my life, having the best time and I say no, this is where I want to be. This is what I want to do,” she said enthusiastically.

Ashley Lucey-Jannert began dancing at the age of four and from the age of seven began drama and vocal tuition. She has been a member of an award winning elite dance troupe for nine years and also has experience in short film, feature film, television commercials and voice-overs. Not surprisingly, she wants to be a professional performer when she finishes school.

“I just love all aspects of performing, I want to do a bit of everything. I definitely want to go on Broadway, but I also want to dance on cruises, hopefully live in LA – there’s a lot of work in LA – be involved in movies and song writing. Just everything. I want it all!”

For Ashley Lucey-Jannert, one of the highlights of being part of the VSSS is being able to work with industry professionals.

“I want to be a professional performer, so that’s a really important aspect for me,” said Lucey-Jannert, who added the friendships formed is also an aspect of VSSS she loves.

“You bond quite quickly because of all the similarities you have, so it’s really special the friendships you can make at the Spectacular.”

The theme for this year’s VSSS show is Made of Stars.

“It has a double meaning, so it kind of relates to the physical aspect of earth and the universe, so it’s kind of very spacey, like space themed this year, but also means the performers ourselves. We’re kind of superstars in a sense,” commented Ashley Lucey-Jannert.

This teenage superstar would encourage everyone to come along to the spectacular show this Saturday.

“Definitely, go get your tickets from Ticketek right now because you definitely won’t regret it! The show is absolutely amazing, the people are amazing, the talent is absolutely out of this world, so go get your tickets right now!”



Venue:                 Melbourne Arena

Date:                     Saturday 14 September

Time:                    1pm & 6:30pm

Performance length 3 hours (including interval)

Adult:                  $40.00 + BF

Concession:        $30.00 + BF

Junior (U15):      $20.00 + BF

For tickets: CLICK HERE