SuperModern delves into the psyche of what it is to be human in our modern world. Fast paced, highly skilled dance embodies a collage of characters caught between themselves and the rapid change of today's age. The choreography stems from Anton's personal ideology of the modern world and the idea of personal space. Anton's inspiration is the observation of human experience amongst social structure and functioning and the blurring between physical and conceptual space. Featuring a new musical score by Nick Wales and Jai Pyne.

Performers: Kristina Chan, Robbie Curtis, Tim Ohi, Sofie Bourgyne
Producer: Michelle Silby
Choreographer: Anton

Dates & Times:
8pm, Wed 28 Mar 2012
12.30pm, Thu 29 Mar 2012
8pm, Thu 29 Mar 2012
8pm, Fri 30 Mar 2012
8pm, Sat 31 Mar 2012

Adult $28, F/T Student $25*
*Transaction fees apply.

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