The silliness of the festive season approaches and with it comes  the wonderfully odd, wonderfully kooky and wonderfully macabre, The Kransky Sisters, in their not to be missed holiday show, A Very Kransky Christmas.

Coming away from their hitherto very sheltered existence in a town in the middle of south east Queensland, the Kranskys have made their way up to the big smoke bringing their wonderfully quaint and insular understanding of the world with them.

Read on as eldest sister Mourne talks of  inspirations,  ideas, family and the Queen.

The inspiration for the show:

We were inspired to put together our new concert after our neighbour’s cat, Popsy ate our box of Christmas crackers. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out well and the cat was in hospital for some time. Our neighbor Mrs. Boyle who owned the cat realized how sad we were at what had happened, and very kindly invited us to spend Christmas lunch at her place. It was the first time we had ever spent a Christmas with anyone else but ourselves.  It made us realise that it was so much nicer to spend a Christmas with other people. So the following year, we decided to put a concert together that told stories of our past Christmases and also other stories about things that have happened during the year. We also put together a host of new songs that we’d been listening to that year, on the wireless to include in the new concert that we would hopefully be able to share with many more people than just the three of us. We wanted to have a party, and now we certainly do!

It took us about two months to put it all together, the songs and the stories, and we have been having such a lovely time sharing our Christmas show with the wonderful people who have come to see us.

AVKC @Alex (2)

The making of the stories:

Well, we really just let the stories speak for themselves. These things that happen to us, and our past rituals as well, and family history, it all speaks for itself. There is an abundance of material to use. One only has to look at one’s life. Life is an ongoing story, isn’t it? It’s like an old tree with its branches that keeps bearing leaves. Depending where the wind blows, the ones that fall onto the ground are the ones we’ll tell.

The making of the Kranskys:

Eve came first after myself. We got along fine. We loved our father. Dawn and our other sister Arva had a different father. It was their father that was the reason our father left. The two brothers never spoke again.

When Eve and I met Arva and later, when Dawn came along, we stayed our distance a bit. Before our mother and Uncle Roly left, our step father always paid more attention to Arva and Dawn. They were given Tuba lessons and Pokemon games. Eve and I just had our marbles to play with until later we on, when our father gave Eve his saw and myself a beaten up old guitar on the day he left.

After our mother left home with Uncle Roly never to return, I had to look after the family. I worked at the local egg farm for some time, until a fortunate turn of events led us to becoming a musical group. A friend of our father, Earl Mannison was walking his Rottweiler dog past our house one evening when he heard us all playing our instruments together in the lounge room along to the wireless. He came to the house and asked us if we would consider playing as a group at the local RSL. We did an afternoon concert there and the rest is history.

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The role models:

I have always been inspired by the Queen, as I find that her manners and decorum are much to be desired. I think that would be my inspiration for the way I conduct myself as a spokesperson in front of our lovely audiences.

Eve takes inspiration from the Queen also, but likes to model her makeup on Elisabeth Taylor. Dawn takes inspiration for her makeup from Tammy Fay Baker.

The Kransky show: 

Well, our show is really a celebration of the joy of being together. The joy of celebrating festivities and of sharing and enjoying music and stories.

In A Very Kransky Christmas, our newest concert, we want to share with our audience, our own special traditions, along with our much-treasured memories in the bones and photos of our past loved ones. We are bringing along our Tuba, musical saw, old 60;’s reed keyboard, the guitar, kitchen pot, tambourines and toilet brush and we’ll be playing an array of new songs, from Daft Punk, Sia, Gotye and OuKast, to Abba, Nana Mouskouri, The Carpenters and June-Carter Cash.

Bringing their own special brand of music and wit to Christmas, A Very Kransky Christmas with the Kransky Sisters, is a must see show!

November 20 – 26

The Alex Thetare

Then on tour. Check here for details: