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Study your MFA in London at ALRA – The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts

Many people have had to pause and rethink the path they’re on. We think our new course, the MFA
Linklater Teaching Practice (Voice and Theatre Arts), can help people find their voice as they look
towards a creative future.

This past summer we lost a leading light in the teaching of performance when Kristin Linklater sadly
passed away. She had personally taught some of the greatest actors and teachers of our time, such
as Bill Murray, Patrick Stewart and Sigourney Weaver, and spent her professional life connecting
language to voice in order to better express the human condition. Kristin wrote this MFA in
partnership with ALRA and we feel it’s a fitting tribute to her and her work.

It’s timely and deeply relevant that this course has been designed to develop teaching-artists to
facilitate the performance of untold stories. The underpinning ethic of this pioneering training is the
desire to shed light on the lives we lead and shift perception towards potential transformation.
If you are thinking about where your career might move to next and are looking for ways to harness
your talent in a meaningful way, this MFA programme may be for you.

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