The latest episode of StoryKids, to be released later this week, will be read by beloved children’s author Andy Griffiths. This episode is especially unique because it includes six kids telling six 100 word stories, instead of one child telling a 500 word story, and includes an interview with Andy Griffiths about his storytelling process.

One of the children whose story is featured is six-year-old Kopika Murugappan from Biloela, whose family was removed from Christmas Island when her sister Tharnicaa was hospitalised recently.  Kopika’s story is called ‘Princess Kopika’ and is about being a princess in a tutu with a pet dragon and a cubby house.

StoryKids, a podcast showcasing Australian kids and their original stories brought to life by some of our best-known voices, including Matt Okine, Julia Zemiro, Yumi Stynes, Adam Goodes, Jamila Rizvi, Briggs, Andy Griffiths, Marc Fennell, David Campbell, Tim Minchin, Shari Sebbens, Virginia Gay, Mark Coles Smith and Damon Gameau.

Created by Verity Hunt-Ballard and Amelia Christo, the 10-minute podcasts feature an original story written by a child (between the ages of 8 – 14) and are brought to life by well-known Australian personalities and award-winning sound engineer Paul Ruske.

Seasons One and Two of StoryKids, featuring performers including Virginia Gay, Christine Anu, Baker Boy, Jesinta Franklin, Eddie Perfect, Benjamin Law, Nadine Gardner, Casey Donovan and many more are also available for download via Apple Podcasts and Spotify. – Listen here to hear Andy Griffiths read Kopika’s story website – Link to podcasts

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