Since bursting onto the stage at the Edinburgh Festival in 1991, STOMP troupes have been banging and clashing their way around the world. Returning to Australia following their sellout tour of 2013, eight mindbogglingly talented men and women make up the current Australian and NZ hand-clapping, foot-stamping STOMP group.

Just when you thought it wasn’t possible to find any more common household items to make a sound from, you are proven wrong as items as small as the humble matchbox and as big as monster truck inner tire tubes are ingeniously played to make incredible music.

STOMP continues to be more than just random noises made from banging on various objects. Every performer is not only a skilled dancer, they are also creators of stories and emotions through each number.

Spoken words, sung lyrics and traditional instruments are not required here. Without uttering a single word, each of the eight performers has a clear identity and character on stage.

From shopping trolleys that turn into dodgem trolleys to kitchen sinks (complete with water) to aerial drumming on the two story industrial scaffolding set, STOMP’s big sound moments are felt deep in your gut.

Stomp photo credit Steve McNicholas DSCF1021

STOMP is now playing Sydney’s Capitol Theatre (Photo by Steve McNicholas)

In stark contrast, the humble Zippo lighter is used in a stunningly mesmerising performance where they provide the only sound and light on stage.

An intricately choreographed piece of movement with large and small sticks is as deftly performed as any Hollywood fight sequence. Basketballs, paint tins, plumbing fixtures, newspapers, plastic bags, oil tins and sawdust all form part of the STOMP soundscape and performance.

As big and as loud as STOMP is, it is also unexpectedly funny. The simple comedic moments and scenes in the show make this current production extremely enjoyable.

Of course, it wouldn’t be STOMP without rubbish tins and their lids, and the finale of the show is as ear ringing and heart thumping as you could ever want.

This production is worthy of a five-star rating, simply because of the flawless execution and sheer entertainment value.


Venue: Capitol Theatre (13 Campbell Street, Haymarket)
Dates: Playing now until 5 August, 2018
Groups 8+ save – Contact Ticketmaster Groups for more information 02 8240 2290 or [email protected]