Sometimes when we find ourselves on our own we soul search. Delving into memories and bringing past experiences and emotions to the surface. It defines who we are.

We skip through those memories, moving back and forth, picking out our favourites, and they make us to look to the future at our aspirations, goals and dreams.

Having been a part of a few productions with this fabulous bunch of people, I am thrilled that Dandenong Theatre Company are taking this idea and running with it wholeheartedly for their newest production, Rewind/Fast Forward.

The show is a chance for dancers, actors and singers to step forward, into the limelight, and be heard, on their own, most of them for the first time.

“All 26 of the cast members have their own moment in the spotlight, their own chance to shine, to be able to grow as a performer. That’s one of the reasons we’re doing this. It gives everyone a chance to be the star, there isn’t anyone who’s just merely ‘ensemble’.”Said Gulcan Gulen, first time director/choreographer.

                                                                                                    Cast rehearsals


It is a celebration of the achievements of the many talented individuals who make up the cast, crew and production team, but also of the company itself, looking back at some of the showstoppers that make up the its history.

“The first act is a complete Rewind, filled with songs that Dandenong Theatre Company have done in the past, including numbers from musicals such as Fame,Carousel, Chicargo and many others. Act two is the yang to Act One’s yin, Fast Forward, a sample of shows that the company may do in the future, designed to educate audiences about new musicals like Shrek the Musical, Next to Normal, and Wicked etc.” Said Gulen

“My intention whilst putting together the show was to not only celebrate the past of Dandenong Theatre Company, or to educate audiences about new musicals which they may not have heard of, but to also give something back to the Company that has given so much not only to myself, but also to the community.”

“Everyone knows what an iPod is, and like me, you flick back and forth through your music collection to the songs that matter to you. I have been listening to the songs in this production for over a year and a half now, and ultimately, that’s how the name for the production came about.”

“This is my first ever experience Directing. I’ve always wanted to give it a go, but it has been a little terrifying at times. Coffee has also become a great confidant of mine! I finally understand how much work a Director does for a show, and I get why I’ve seen so many pulling out their hair! Having said that, I have a great support group in my production team and such a talented cast to help see this thing through. They’ve been flawlessly supportive every step of the way.

“All the hard work that everyone has put in has paid off. Our Band is mind-blowing, our Musical Director, Trent Bockman, is amazing, and I cannot wait till opening night! After seeing the show I want audiences to be inspired and educated on all these new songs that they’ve heard. I want them to go home, reminisce on the good times they’ve had, and look forward to see how bright their future can be.”

Dandenong Theatre Company’s tribute show Rewind/Fast Forward will open on Friday 15 April and run till Saturday 30th April 2011. Performances will be held at the Hallam Community Theatre, Hallam Senior College, Frawley Road, Hallam. Bookings can be made on the DTC website here:

Dandenong Theatre Company will also be graciously donating all profits from the special Good Friday performance to the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal on Friday 22 April @ 8pm.