Stefan Mrowinski ‘s epic monodrama, Jeremiah’s Tuesday, is described by the Polish film director and playwright as post-modern, poetic, black and grotesque.

“The essential theme of Jeremiah’s Tuesday is the unquenchable thirst of the human ego and the tendency towards corruption when under the influence of all encompassing power,” says Mrowinski.

In biblical terms, Jeremiah is commonly known as the weeping prophet, based on his wish to have a ‘fountain of tears with which he might weep for the slain of his own people.’

Thus Jeremiah, in his dreams and ambitions is a prophet and savior. Mrowinski examines him as a supreme dictator. Comparisons could be made between Jeremiah and history’s most ruthless leaders – Caligula, Nero, Stalin, Hitler, Amin etc… However, some or perhaps all that the character says could be the product of fantasy and imagination.

The piece uncovers the satirical nature of a dictator in a metaphysical way. Set in the future, it poetically explores the vertical cliff face we are hurtling towards – the demise of representative democracy.

Jeremiah’s Tuesday was first drafted in Polish in 1990. It was translated to English in 1997 by Robert Reisner and published in The World of Monodrama – Stefan Mrowinski in 2007.

Actor Steven Kennedy and Mrowinksi have been collaborating on the project since 2011, with 2012 heralding a redraft involving modernizing the language and adapting the play for the stage. 2014 became a focal year for the pair, with final preparations and plans made re. its staging.

Says Mrowinski: “The play is comparable to the course of the life of the human being. Death is our common destiny from the day we are born. Mortal man yearns to create an immortal imprint on the world. It may also be true, if not highly probable, it is an attempt at recording the reality of time: The present, which exists only in each individual moment, or the past which is ever present in the protagonist’s psycho-logical make-up. The past is imparted from memory in the smallest details, though.”

The action of the piece takes place in nature. On a golden sandy beach, by the deep blue sea, under an intense blue sky. The text and style is, at times, harshly visceral and confronting at others beautifully lyrical and compassionate. Tuesday – the last day of Jeremiah’s life. His people find him. Death is knocking at his door.

According to Mrowinski, Jeremiah’s Tuesday is his most seminal work to date in a lifetime dedicated to theatre. He has waited 25 years to bring this production to the stage.

Mrowinski is a specialist in small forms of dramatic theatre and monodramas. He is a proponent of avant-garde and experimental theatre and was the co-founder of The Church in Melbourne – – a research facility for new forms of theatre. A multi award winning Director, playwright and songwriter, Mrowinski celebrated his 50 year anniversary of creative and artistic work in 2014. He has had an enduring and passionate relationship with Australia beginning in 1980 when he was brought here to establish the Department of Drama at the Victoria College.

Mrowinski has committed a lifetime to the creation of meaningful art but tragically now states that it is likely that Jeremiah’s Tuesday will be his final production due to ill health. In his own words – “I’ve saved the best till last!”.

Jeremiah’s Tuesday should not be seen as a “self-meaning” artistic presentation, but an imported secret dialog with the spectator.

It is “ The naked Truth “ performing act – the most vibrated core of “The Jeremiah’s Tuesday “ spiritual essence.

Jeremiah’s Tuesday

Black Stamp Theatre

October 8 – 11