From the pen of Australian playwright and social commentator Van Badham comes Banging Denmark – a swinging satire on the men who claim to understand the ‘female mind’ and the online culture that inspires them, opening at The Studio, Sydney Opera House this July. 

Ish Madigan is a feminist academic writing a thesis on computer games. Jake Newhouse is a full-time management consultant and part-time pickup artist. They’re not exactly best friends. But when Jake’s latest crush – a brilliant Danish librarian – doesn’t respond to his usual seduction techniques, he knows he needs help. Jake asks Ish to coach him in feminist-friendly flirtation. He’ll pay. And Ish needs the money. So, what’s stopping her? Oh, you know, just ethics, morals and every fibre of her being. 

STC Resident Director Jessica Arthur said “Van’s text – which delves into the dark realities of the internet while also unearthing the potential for change and hope – has been a rewarding rollercoaster to navigate. I hope that audiences leave having learnt and laughed as much as we have in the rehearsal room.” 

Arthur directs a fabulously funny cast including Amber McMahon (STC’s Accidental Death of an Anarchist), Megan Wilding (STC’s Blackie Blackie Brown) and Michelle Lim Davidson (STC’s Top Girls, ABC’s Utopia), Patrick Jhanur (Belvoir’s Single Asian Female) and TJ Power (Channel 10s Offspring).

“The attached cast – and the crew- are babes of legendary ferocity and I am beyond thrilled to be working with them,” playwright Van Badham said.

STC’s Banging Denmark stars Patrick Jhanur and Amber McMahon
(Photo by Rene Vaile)

Banging Denmark was developed as part of STC’s Rough Drafts program in 2017. The 2019 production boasts an entirely female creative and technical team.

“It’s particularly exciting to offer young female artists an opportunity to let loose on a comedy that mocks and satirises theatrical stereotypes of what women are and who they can be – the clichés of confected “womanhood” that dominate the rom-com genre are up for a very fancy shredding with this team.” Van said.

Director Jessica Arthur
Designer Renée Mulder
Lighting Designer Veronique Benett
Composer & Sound Designer Clemence Williams
Assistant Director Tasnim Hossain
With: Patrick Jhanur, Michelle Lim Davidson, Amber McMahon, TJ Power, Megan Wilding

Dates: 26 July – 24 August
Venue: The Studio, Sydney Opera House

Pricing and ticket information: 
Single Tickets:
Mon – Thu performances A Reserve tickets $45, B Reserve tickets $40, Under 30 $35;
Fri & Sat performances, A Reserve tickets $45, B Reserve tickets $40, Preview performances all tickets $35

Box Office: 02 9250 1777