7. Stay_With_Us_Daniel James Grant Photographer_Pictured Tim Watts (on projector) and Audience Members (on bed)_77The Last Great Hunt’s current production “Stay With Us”, created by Arielle Gray, Chris Isaacs and Tim Watts and directed by Arielle Gray, is an immersive theatrical tour through the Riverview Hotel in West Perth.

The small group of audience members/participants are taken into three rooms by the bell boy; in this instance, our group was led by Chris (Chris Isaacs). Before entering the first room, Chris imparts information about the hotel and asks us to image the physical space on which it sits: from its foundations through to the earth’s core and beyond. Yet, as we enter the room, we are invited to observe the private moments of the woman within. Devisor and performer Jo Morris is dressed in a hotel robe and there is clothing and personal items scattered around the room which give fragmentary clues about where the woman has been and who she is. 

Moving onto the second room, Chris invites us to imagine the lives of the people who have stayed in these rooms, as if ghosts that still walk the halls or the same incidents happening in a parallel universe. I will not divulge what we found in the second room, only to say that Body Sculpture Artist Tarryn Gill is a profoundly talented artist who stunningly captures the haunting image and physical presence. 

6. Stay_With_Us_Daniel James Grant Photographer_Pictured Audience Members_72In the third room participants are invited to snuggle up and lay back to watch the incredible ‘real time’ projections and animations on the ceiling that provide moments of clarity and connection with what has occurred in the other rooms. Chris Isaacs exudes warmth, compassion and efficiency throughout as the bell boy who guides the group through time and space.

The Last Great Hunt ensemble are theatre makers who push the boundaries of dramaturgy and performance. Other fellow collaborators and core artists involved are Gita Bezard, Clare Testoni, Zachary Sheridan, and Tim Watts. 

“Stay With Us” is certainly a theatrical experience like no other. It successfully blends the intimacy of hotel rooms with the spiritual and physical journey of human life. The company has drawn on the strengths of each artist to create a moving, multi-faceted performance that truly captures the communion of theatre.

The “Stay With Us” experience is showing at the Riverview Hotel, 42 Mount Street, West Perth until Saturday 8 December, from 5pm, with nine sessions available for each night. Limited capacity so bookings are essential at trybooking.com

Pics: Daniel James Grant