In just six years, StageArt have produced over thirteen new works including In The Heights, Dream Girls, Titanic, The Color Purple, Spring Awakening and Memphis (currently playing at Chapel Off Chapel).

With sold out shows, return seasons and critical acclaim, StageArt has established itself as a successful independent theatre company in Melbourne. While StageArt have brought many new shows to Australia in professional premieres, the company is now providing audiences with an opportunity to see two new Australian musicals.

Executive Producer of StageArt, Robbie Carmellotti explained, “Creating, developing and exposing new work and talent is a passion of ours and we always try to support when we can.”

Carmellotti said the time was right for StageArtXposed 2017.

“We were in a position where we had time to focus on it and we had the means to provide artists with what they may need to launch their work.”

The two shows selected by StageArt to be presented in StageArtXposed 2017 are Lay Down Sally and Beautiful Things.

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Beautiful Things musical logo

“The two shows selected both focus on topics which are key in our current social landscape, told in a comical way. Lay Down Sally looks at how the media manipulates our sporting heroes and Beautiful Things raises discussion about body images and expectations. Both shows are relatable to a mainstream audience, and both shows are cleverly written, with all original dialogue, music and lyrics.”

Carmellotti wants StageArtXposed to be a platform for the shows to develop further.

“Hopefully the creators can turn their one act show into two acts, get some quality feedback for development and continue their creative journey. I believe both shows have the ability to become touring productions as they are very relatable and catchy. They both successfully make you switch off from your life and suck you into their world, which I think is a sign of a good show.”

For a show to be ready to present to a paying audience, Carmellotti says it needs to be strong in its foundation, strong in its message, detailed in its direction and confident in its performance.

“If these points are met I think a paying audience would always walk away feeling they got value for money.”

Robbie Carmellotti hopes there will be more opportunities to present new Australian work in the future. Anyone who has written new work is encouraged to join the StageArt mailing list at

For now, there are two new Australian works for audiences to experience.

“In Melbourne we are spoilt with choice when it comes to theatre, we are one of the luckiest cities in the world and because of this we are home to some of the most brilliant creative artists who need a platform to have their work performed. We can rush off to see the imported shows any day of the week, but nothing is more enjoyable or satisfying than enjoying a production or performance written by a local Aussie.”


BEAUTIFUL THINGS: A Really Good Looking Musical
55 minutes (1 act) and is suitable for all ages.
Monday October 16th, 7pm
Monday October 23rd, 7pm

Adults: $35
Concession $30
Tickets On Sale Now Via: or 03 8290 7000

LAY DOWN SALLY: An Oarsome New Musical Robbin’ Hearts All Around The World!

55 minutes (1 act) and is suitable for all ages.
Tuesday October 17th, 7:30pm
Tuesday October 24th, 7:30pm

Adults: $35
Concession $30

Tickets On Sale Now Via: or 03 8290 7000