Yesterday we brought you the news [here] that a new song has been added to the Les Misérables movie score, one that was written specifically for Hugh Jackman's, Jean Valjean.

Amid Oscar buzz, and the anticipation of the film's Christmas Day release, Universal Pictures took the brazen step of releasing and posting the movie script on their website over the weekend.

The link to the PDF file was swiftly removed, which raises questions about it's authenticity, but not before legions of fans were able to peruse and scrutinise the screenplay.

Many are reporting new scenes and lyrics that have not previously been included in the hit stage musical. However, close to all are reporting that it does stay true to the 1862 novel, penned by Victor Hugo.

The leaked script may no longer be available, but Theatre People can exclusively bring you the lyrics to the new addition to the score, "Suddenly". Written by the stage hit's original songwriting team of Claude-Michel Schönberg, Alain Boublil and lyricist Herbert Kretzmer.

"It's a really lovely new song," said the film's Producer, Cameron Mackintosh. "It was something that Alain and Claude-Michel came up with, after a passage in the book, which beautifully explains what happens when Valjean takes Cosette from the inn and looks after her"



"Herbie's written a lovely lyric to it, and we're all delighted how it seems to fit into the film version" Mackintosh continued. "The whole thing has been written by Alain and Claude-Michel in the same way they've worked with Herbie on the original score – I think rather religiously. They've gone back to their working methods of 30 years ago!"



*SPOILER ALERT* Stop reading now if you don't wish to learn the lyrics




Suddenly I see
Suddenly it starts
When two anxious hearts
Beat as one.
Yesterday I was alone
Today you walk beside me
Something still unclear
Something not yet here
Has begun.
Suddenly the world
Seems a different place
Somehow full of grace
And delight.

How was I to know
That so much love
Was held inside me?
Something fresh and young
Something still unsung
Fills the night.

How was I to know at last
That happiness can come so fast?
Trusting me the way you do
I’m so afraid of failing you
Just a child who cannot know
That danger follows where I go
There are shadows everywhere
And memories I cannot share

Nevermore alone
Nevermore apart
You have warmed my heart
Like the sun.
You have brought the gift of life
And love so long denied me.

Suddenly I see
What I could not see
Something suddenly
Has begun