Joana Simmons solo super-charged; cabaret is an exhilarating, hysterical, and enlightening perspective of human existence.

Joana Simmons Spiritual Gangster is such an electrifying performance; she may have Elon Musk knocking on her door for some “free energy” for propulsion in his spaceship to Mars.

Simmons contemporary, hilarious script rivals any stand up improv artist. For just over sixty minutes, Simmons lightning-speed dialogue, lyrics, and torso-popping gyrations is a spectacle of light and love coming from an athletic pocket-rocket.

The full house on opening night at the Butterfly Club, open-heartedly gave the New Zealand born, Australian adopted, female dynamo, a standing ovation.

A black-cloaked figure wanders amongst the audience offering spiritual advice—and hands out visual props for the few minutes of interactive audience participation.

Fresh from an ashram, the figure throws off her cloak of doubt and darkness to reveal rainbow coloured, “Hammer Time” gangster pants, white high top runners, and a gold bejewelled midriff top.

The Spiritual Gangster ‘free spirit’ pops, locks, and break dances, then in the blink of an eye, drops onto her behind into meditation. Simmons command of the stage, wide-eyed expression and effervescent smile is mesmerising.

The Spiritual Gangster goes about her mindful spiritual routine; striking her chime bowl and white candle light worship; when her spirit-guide and animal Shaman “Lentilsoup Dogg” asks her to examine her consciousness in fifteen minutes or risk her ascension path forever.

Joana Simmons embodies the Spiritual Gangster persona to navigate her inner turmoil. Spiritual beliefs and rituals help her trace the past and make sense of her Catholic upbringing and father’s endless faith during his terminal illness.

A gift descends from the heavens (in the form of a spiritual guitar) and the Spiritual Gangster strums unique tunes and ditties such as Bogan Yoga and Doubtful Yuppies. Simmons cajoles the accommodating audience into a playful sing-along.

All the meditation, interpretive dance and soothing patchouli spray, are not enough to erase the memories of teenage peer group pressure and denial of her inner light.

The Spiritual Gangster sits with the confusion in a meditative state, till she raises her vibration and or comes to terms with a world turning to fast to live and too young to die.

Simmons effortless performance is a marathon of jaw-aching one-liners in song, rap, and break dancing. Spiritual Gangster identifies honesty, integrity, and acceptance of the past and present. Joana Simmons raw, stunning cabaret and internal light shine through to raise the collective consciousness of mere mortals.