University of Melbourne Music Theatre Association present Lucky Stiff where Something Funny's Going On

Lucky Stiff  certainly has pedigree, and even though the Universal Dogs Home of Brooklyn is a focal part of the plot there is no pun intended here. Lucky Stiff has pedigree pure an simple.  This is a farcical murder mystery and was the first collaboration for the formidable team of Lynn Ahrens  ( book and lyrics) and Stephen Flaherty  (music). Ahrens and Flaherty come to mind when thinking Ragtime, Suessical,  Dessa Rose and Once On this Island and many more – see, pedigree. Oh, and it also won the Richard Rodgers Award in its opening year.

Directed by Spencer Hadlow, this wild tale propels a mild-mannered English shoe clerk into a lunatic mix of murdered Atlantic City croupier, his legally blind jilted mistress, her hen-pecked brother and several hundred (off-stage) dogs. Who wouldn't love this plot – says Hadlow: "I was attracted to doing Lucky Stiff because it's such a self contained show with no pretence. It's silly and farcical but also very sweet."

Farces come with their own set of challenges and musical farces come with those challenges in double time. As well as the lighting pace Lucky Stiff asks for a plethora of locations which might send any director packing but Hadlow takes it all in stride. and states: "We've got some nifty ways that we're combating that. It's looking really great."

Given It's not only the first show Hadlow has directed solo but also the first musical he's directed his rehearsal room was  a happy place which he credits to the cast members desire to learn and improve. "It's been a joy working with a group of performers who are interested in developing their abilities and pleasing the audience," he says. " I feel sometimes actors forget that the show is about the audience and not about them so I'm glad my cast are so invested in making it the best show possible.

Hadlow is no stranger to the UMMTA which is now in it's tenth year as a social club. He was involved with both their shows – Curtains & Assassins – last year and has, it seems, landed feet first in this his maiden voyage as a director. He credits Lucky Stiff has being a fun, fast and cheap night out. A quirky show with fantastic performances and, he says,  it's not a show you want to miss. "I want the audience to enjoy every minute of the show. It's a musical comedy that lacks the crass, in your face humour of more recent comedic shows. It really calls back to an older style of musical theatre and I really believe that the audience will respond well to that."

Friday 19th @ 7:30pm
Saturday 20th @ 7:30pm
Sunday 21st @ 2pm (Matinee)

Wednesday 24th @ 7:30pm
Thursday 25th @ 7:30pm
Friday 26th @ 5pm
Saturday 27th @7:30pm
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