The secret knock isn’t complicated, but I am determined to get it just right. The door is just an ordinary door, the building an ordinary building on an ordinary street.

As I approach, the sounds of instruments tuning up drift quietly through
the woodwork. It’s The Tiger and Me tonight, with those beguiling flappers The Nymphs, and I can’t miss it! I run the secret knock over in my mind a couple of times before I do it for real. I do it right. The door swings open and I’m ushered in quickly. My heels click on the floorboards so loudly I feel I should tiptoe down the corridor. My usher says nothing, silently accompanying me into the speakeasy. Suddenly the room opens out and I see the stage and the band warming up. The bar is decorated with beautiful people – men in fine suits, ladies with feathers in their hair. A thrill runs through me – tonight will be grand!

The place slowly fills up, each new arrival seemingly more beautiful than those who came before. The sweet clinking of glasses and low murmuring chatter
provides an atmosphere that is simmering with excitement. The illicitness of this place and this night adds to my anticipation. I look around the room, at my
partners in crime, and imagine they feel as I do. Suddenly the room lights dim and the murmuring reduces to a hush. The band take to the stage and take up their positions. A man, probably the man in charge, taps the microphone before addressing the audience.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Incubator, our humble establishment. We know you will enjoy our show tonight… hello Tigers, hello Nymphs! Are you ready? Excellent… here we go then. Ladies and Gentlemen! I present to you The Tiger and Me, with special guests The Nymphs!”

The applause is the loudest thing to happen all night and the explosion frightens
me! What if we attract attention from the world outside? Nobody else looks
concerned… perhaps the walls are thicker than I thought.

The band starts and the crowd are hanging on their every note… I discard my
worries and embrace the moment. What a night!

Friday 22 to Sunday 24 July, all three shows at 6.45pm
$33 / $30
60 minutes approx
The Incubator, Auspicious Arts, 228 Bank Street