Some of Australia’s best and brightest stars across the cabaret and musical comedy scene including Dolly Diamond, Tash York and Anya Anastasia have banded together to offer their fans a chance to see more this Melbourne Comedy Festival.  Together, a total of 9 sparkly acts across the festival have united to offer audiences a sparkly discount to their season of shows.

It’s called the sparkle campaign. Move out of the way dingy bars, and lonely microphones there is a glitterier side to the Melbourne Comedy Festival and this group of performers are happy to shout it (or should we say SING IT) from the top of their lungs. Australia’s biggest cabaret stars including Dolly Diamond,  Tash York and Anya Anastasia have banded together with a number of other musical comedy/cabaret acts across the festival offering a $5 (or more) discount to anyone who uses the code word “SPARKLE”.

“Long gone are the days where Comedy Festival is only for a stand-up comedian. It’s awesome to see the way that comedy has changed in the last decade, especially with the introduction of YouTube”, says Tash York the creator of the Sparkle Campaign.  “It’s always hard to describe to people what comedy cabaret is – as it’s essentially storytelling, music and stand-up comedy combined – it’s much easier if you just come along for yourself. Cabaret acts now more than ever are seen be comedians just as much as anyone else on the scene because sometimes humour is the only way to get through certain situations…. I mean they do say comedy is tragedy,” laughs York.

She has chosen a total of 9 acts to be part of the campaign that she believes are truly shining stars in this world of comedy cabaret/musical comedy (… you know the ones that really SPARKLE).  As well as applying this discount to her own show “Adulting”, Tash York has managed to secure the discount to the following performers: Alice Tovey, Zuleika Khan, Laurie Black, Anya Anastasia, Dolly Diamond, Jude Perl, Tara Leigh Dowler and musical duo PickUp. Simply apply the promo code “SPARKLE” when purchasing your tickets – maybe catch all 9 shows, or at least use the discount for wine during the show!

So what are you waiting for? Make your Comedy Festival sparkle!

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