Sophie Wright is no stranger to Eurovision. She’s watched it before, she’s seen clips of the contest and knows a bit about it, but even she has been surprised with what she has learnt about Eurovision in her preparation for her role in Song Contest – the Almost Eurovision Experience.

“To be honest I didn’t know there was such a following,” said Wright. “I didn’t realise how much it brings every day folk together.”

What Sophie Wright loves the most about Eurovision is how huge this song contest actually is, likening it to a sporting event similar to the AFL Grand Final or the World Cup.

“To have a world event about performance is awesome!” she exclaimed.

Wright will take on various characters in the cast of Song Contest – the Almost Eurovision Contest which opens at The Alex Theatre, St Kilda on April 1st as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

In a show that involves some audience participation, Wright is preparing for any response from the audience each night. It’s a stark contrast from her time in Wicked.

“It’s pretty exciting actually! Others shows you know when the audience is going to react and how they will react. So this will be very exciting – we’ll all need to be very prepared,” she said.

Prior to the commencement of rehearsals, Wright was preparing for a role she knew little about. In fact, she wasn’t even sure which country she was representing.

“I think I’m Russian. I put on a very Russian sort of costume for the photo shoot and then another one … I didn’t even know what it was. I looked like Jasmine from Aladdin,” laughed Wright.

Song Contest three

What Wright does know about this show is that it won’t be serious.

“I know, definitely, it will be really over the top – but in way that is truthful as well, because we are being different characters,” said Wright.

When asked who would enjoy Song Contest – the Almost Eurovision Experience, Wright replied, “Anyone. Obviously the Eurovision fans will love it, but I think everyone will find something in it – the music, the costumes, or just learning about Eurovision. It’ll be a lot of fun!”

To find out just which country Sophie Wright does represent,  you’ll have to see the show and discover for yourself.

Song Contest – the Almost Eurovision Experience opens on April 1st at The Alex Theatre, St Kilda and runs for four weeks only.