If you are partial to a juke boxer, then Shout! is a pretty pacey little show, packed with the greatest hits of Aussie music legend Johnny O’Keefe.  MLOC are bringing Shout to the stage this October, starring Matt Jakowenko as their leading man in a role made famous by theatre legend, David Campbell.

Matty J

What made you want to perform the role of Johnny O’Keefe in Shout?

It’s a show that rarely comes around on the amateur circuit. It’s the male version of similar Australian shows like ‘Dusty’. It’s also massive challenge as a performer to take on a role with so many songs , heavy script and story

What is your favourite song in the show?

I love performing SING! & ‘ Move Baby Move’ as they are fun, easy to perform and the most enjoyable to sing\

 What have rehearsals been like?

Rehearsals have been great! We have a great Production team  and they have had the challenge of working with a  20+ cast to create this piece of Theatre and Australian story.

What are the challenges staging a show like shout?

The biggest challenge would be telling JOK’s story, his rise and fall in just over 2 hours.

Are you a fan of jukebox musicals in general? I love jukebox musicals. One of my favourite is Mamma Mia having seen it over 100 times here in Australia and around the world.

Why do audiences love shows like Shout?

They love shows like Shout , Dusty and now Beautiful as they tell the life and fame of these Artists many have grown up on over the years. They are easy shows to watch and people would know the music to most of the songs.

What’s your favourite line in the show?

“If you wanna spend your life in a room full of Red Leather Poufs” – I know I’m gonna get laughs on that one….