On Wednesday 17 June at 7:30pm, Woodleigh School will present it’s ‘Isolation Play’, ‘So Far Away’.

With theatres closed for the foreseeable future, and the world in lockdown, Woodleigh School asked the questions…

How can we still create theatre in our school? 

And what might theatre, made in isolation, look like?

At the start of Term 2, when we began this project, we didn’t know how long students would be learning remotely for.

So Far Away is devised experimental theatre that was created over six weeks, by 27 Woodleigh students and 3 staff, who were all in isolation. Students took their experiences of isolation (being so far away) as inspiration.

The work and music are entirely original, and the piece is a time capsule reflecting student’s experiences; not only of isolation from COVID-19 but of life and learning through Zoom.

Link to the performance: https://youtu.be/wHMuB_xL3Ng