Global Creatures CEO Carmen Pavlovic and Director Nigel Jamieson today hosted a sneak peek at the new Dreamworks arena spectacular How to Train your Dragon on stage at Hisense Arena, Melbourne.


First up was the climactic scene where Hiccup rides his well trained dragon Toothless to do battle with the terrifying Red Death.



Red Death is a mighty fire-breather.



Toothless and Hiccup have speed on their side.



In the second sequence, the happy ending was shown, where Vikings finally enjoy the company of a range of ‘trained’ dragons. Viking Chief Stoic, along with Astrid, returns Toothless to his overjoyed son Hiccup.



Nadder has his teeth cleaned by some brave Vikings.



A closer look at the deceptively attractive Nadder.



The iconic Nightmare is easily annoyed.



Nightmare is not happy to see the tiny-winged Gronckle.



A wave from a friendly Viking riding Gronckle.



No rider for Nightmare though.



The overjoyed Vikings face much less trouble from dragons now.



Astrid (Sarah McCreanor) and Hiccup (Rarmian Newton) pose with Toothless.


How to Train your Dragon has its official World Premiere tomorrow night at Hisense Arena. An Australian tour will follow, ahead of a world tour. 


Photos: Simon Parris