There is nothing like a musical to transport you to another world – one in which the citizens can burst into song and perform an impromptu but perfectly choreographed dance routine. It’s the nature of a musical to create its own world – a particular musical style, romance, magic made real, and ignoring the boundaries of what is possible. 
Have you ever wondered what would happen if these worlds collided? This is what the creative duo of Greta Georgiou and Matt Bond set out to do with Warped, a musical variety show which takes the unique worlds of musical theatre and throws them – willing or not – into a blender.

It started with a thought – “How strange would it be to hear these Rock of Ages lyrics performed in the Moulin Rouge? How would it be to see ‘Any Way You Want It’ performed by a courtesan and her Maharaja?” From that simple thought sparked an idea – to take familiar songs out of their context, their well established home, and give them fresh light and meaning. Why shouldn’t Elder Cunningham sing ‘Mabel’s Prayer’ from Fame? After all, aren’t both of them relying on faith and religion to help them in a stressful situation?

Greta approached OXAGEN Productions, an amateur music theatre company, with her idea. The new company, only in its third season of performances, is a company for Old Xaverians, Gennezzano Alumnae, and the wider community. The company thought the show was an excellent idea, appealing to a wide audience, and a great opportunity to reach out to the Victorian music theatre community. After putting out the call for auditions, Greta and Matt were overwhelmed with the response.

“We initially intended to have a cast of 20, but with the amount of interest and talent we got at auditions – we expanded to 30” says Greta, “the performers have opportunity to take to the stage in a variety of different  numbers that, without this concept, would probably never be seen on the amateur theatre stage in Victoria.”

The production has not been without its challenges, and both Director Greta and Assistant Director Matt have had to work hard with the cast to navigate so many characters, scenes, and musical challenges.  Matt notes, “It’s unpredictable. In Hairspray you know that Tracey wins the heart of Link, or you can see Rent and know all the words to every song. But coming to see Warped, you will not know what is around the corner and experience each moment on stage as something new and fresh.”

It is a risky move – will audiences understand the concept and want to see the show? The cast and crew certainly think so, and their excitement and enthusiasm is contagious.

OXAGEN Productions Presents Warped ¬– a musical variety show, taking musicals to places they’ve never been before. Strictly limited season, 8pm shows February 7th, 8th, and 9th, and Matinee 2pm February 9th. Booking via or call 0425 854 741.