Award-winning stand up comedians and improvisers, Jimmy James Eaton (2009 Australian Best and Fairest Im-proviser, The Big Hoo Haa Melbourne) and Jason Geary (SkitHouse, Thank God You’re Here, Micallef, Impro Mel-bourne) are joining forces for the 2013 Melbourne Interna-tional Comedy Festival with their brand new sketch com-edy adventure; SKETCHUAL HEALING.

These master improvisors are guaranteed to make even the Mona Lisa crack a smile as they go through their paces in this pairing of minds. Eaton explains the genesis of Sketchual Healing: " Jason and I wrote the whole show ourselves so it’s really our baby. We created it, developed it and now we’re directing it and performing in it as a duo. We’ve been there for the whole process, which has been an amazing experience." Eaton and Geary (currently gracing our screens regularly as the ever knowledgeable ISelect Man) have known each other for years now. Eaton first met him as an improviser and the two soon became very good friends. Last year they formed a live sketch comedy ensemble called Impro Sketch and Geary also directed Eaton's show One Small Sketch For Man. That's was so much fun for Eaton that, as they sat in a bar at the Festival closing party, Eaton cornered Geary and exclaimed… “Lets do that again but next time you’re not getting off so lightly… You’re on stage with me buddy.” That was the birth of their new show Sketchual Healing. Although the show is mainly scripted, we leave opportunities open for exploration. We also make sure that our characters are always present and alive in the scene and we use many of the same skills we’ve learnt from impro to achieve this. The rest is a secret that we will take to the grave. "

Eaton  is involved in many facets of the arts and entertainment business – voice over guy, host, actor, comedian, improviser just to name a few. "I’m quite the art facet floosy, " he quips, "but, as they say, variety is the spice of life. Constantly switching performance caps is what makes my job so interesting and fulfilling. I would say though that Improvisation has taught me how be open, present, connected and adaptable in my performing and that’s a skill I use every day of my life."

Eaton's CV extends to the stage where, as an actor, Jimmy has worked with numerous professional theatre companies including Deckchair Theatre Co, Barking Gecko Theatre Co and Weeping Spoon Theatre. He's just returned from a sell-out theatre season in WA starring in, good mate and award-winning playwright, Damon Lockwood’s I Honestly Love You. Eaton reveals that the acting bug first bit him when he played a tree in his year one production of Sleeping Beauty. Some said his acting was wooden…. boom boom cchhh! But there is  a serious side to this  as Eaton admits that he's always known he's wanted to be an actor or at least some definition of performer. "From a very young age you could find me walking around mimicking Monty Python voices or reciting Star Wars verbatim. My influences are so varied but I’d definitely say Al Pacino, Gary Oldman, Ian McKellen and Meryl Streep are definitely up there."

Eaton's belief, that the greatest challenges are often the most enjoyable because you usually learn the most from them, has served him well. Eaton explains that his most challenging role to date would have to be in his Comedy Festival show last year, One Small Sketch For Man. "It was an hour -long sketch adventure where I wove seemingly unrelated scenes together into one climactic end, " he says. " I came up with the brilliant idea to play every single one of the twenty characters simultaneously. It was an amazing experience and Jason Geary directed me in it. "

If you're looking for: Centaurs, David Bowie, Nerf guns, Dub step, Michael Caine, Wizards, lions, tigers, bears, bald man love, book eating, ladies, cowboys, narrative, silly voices and an amazing night out at the theatre, then this is the show for you!

Sketch-ual Healing
28 March to 19 April @ The Imperial Hotel