To begin 2020 at the iconic Old Fitz Theatre, Red Line Productions and Mantaur present The Recidivists, a surreal sketch and cabaret show playing from 21 – 26 January.

Two brilliant comedians play over a dozen characters in a hilarious and nightmarish journey to the limits of human ambition, accompanied by a four-piece band.

“Why do we live? Why do we do the same thing over and over again before we die? Why did I put my friend down this well? We plan to answer none of those questions in this show, but instead a series of other, secret questions which we won’t tell you about,” says co-writer Rob Johnson, while Harry Milas makes incoherent noises from the depths of a well.

Writers and stars Rob Johnson and Harrison Milas are beloved weirdos of the Sydney performance scene, now bringing their unique brand of affectionate horror to the Old Fitz stage. Since their first meeting in the chorus line of a university musical, where they repeatedly upstaged the stars, they have performed together for almost a decade and are one of the only partnerships to win NSW Theatresports Championships twice.

“I’ve missed making comedy with Rob, the only man with the pipes to sing me to sleep even though he’s at the top of a well and I’m at the bottom,” says Harry, having recently emerged from the well. “We share a desire to make comedy that’s weird while still being loving. And we love old lounge music, so we make our band play that, on repeat.”

Recently, Rob has toured the country as a song and dance man with Hayes Theatre Co & Belvoir’s Calamity Jane and STC & Black Swan’s The Torrents while Harry stormed the Adelaide Fringe Festival with his sell-out magic show The Unfair Advantage.

The Recidivists combines music, magic and comedy into a single uncanny evening, like a dream where you can’t stop laughing and aren’t sure if you’re asleep or awake.


Written and performed by Rob Johnson and Harrison Milas
Musical direction by Allister Haire
Directed by Pierce Wilcox

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