First and foremost, if when you’re asked to list some great current Australian comedians and the name Simon Taylor doesn’t make that list, that needs to change now.

Human is the most hilarious, accessible and relevant show I’ve come across in this year’s Melbourne Comedy Festival. The show is packed with brilliant wit and flair as he explores what it is that makes comedy shows “comedic”. What is particularly charming about this show is how relevant it is to the everyday Australian. Human is an Australian cultural exploration told through Taylor’s raw, awkward and hilarious personal stories of relationships, country towns and an on-going masculinity crises.

This is a show that succeeds at poking fun at multi-cultural Australia without being racist. Taylor isn’t only funny, but he’s intellectual, quick and although he doesn’t know the first thing about car maintenance, he really does know how to work an audience.

Human is the kind of show that your friends will talk about on their lunch breaks in a month’s time and you will respond with “I wish I went”. So do yourself a favour: grab a ticket and head on over to the Trades Hall for what will promise to be one of your absolute highlights of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Simon Taylor – Human is playing at the Trades Hall from 24 March – 17 April. Tickets Available: