Internationally acclaimed Australian comedy legend Simon Palomares brings his latest one-man show to the 2013 Melbourne Fringe Festival.

King Kohonas the cabaret king from Miami, Florida arrives on our shores with his velvet jacket and velvet tones.   Palomares tells me that King – that's his first name, 'just like his momma named him' –  was inspired after Palomares performed at the Cabaret Convention a few years back. After sitting though a parade of guys who, one after another, walked onto the stage and said, "I came from Dubbo with fifty bucks in my pocket, a pair of tap shoes and a dream" then breaking out into Midnight from Cats, Palomares thought "God, the Australian cabaret scene is desperate for Kohonas".

King is versatile, singing in English, French and Spanish from Adele to Bjork and Piaf to Buena Vista Social Club.  The piece is advertised as being peppered with a warped sense of humour and cutting jibes verging on verbal sadomasochism with the mix sure to leave a lump in your throat. Thursday is the opening in Australia and Palomares and crew are looking to tour the show at the cabaret festivals around Australia and overseas , most likely Paris in 2014 and New York and London as the year progresses.

Palomares is a comedian as well as a writer, actor, voice over artist and director. Possibly best known for his role as Ricardo "Ricky" Martinez in the late 80's TV show Acropolis Now, Palomares  considers himself a comedian who brings everything he's learnt in all other disciplines into his comedy. "Stand-up is like jazz," he says. "Great to improvise and explore but restrictive if you are going to be a purist."

The Acropolis Now gig was not a fluke as Spanish-Australian Palomares was one of the creators and stars of the Wogs Out of Work comedy stage show, which later evolved into the Acropolis Now TV series. "That was thirty years ago and now I suffer from zometimers, some times I remember , sometimes I don't," quips Palomares. "Suffice to say that it was two shows that were put together to give culturally diverse performers a bit of profile. That hasn't really changed much in Australia so now I concentrate more on the possibility of taking ideas overseas which is pretty exciting."

Palomares has performed comedy shows in the United States, Canada, Spain and Argentina where he performs stand-up in Spanish. In fact, Palomares has just returned from Montreal, Canada, where he was invited by Paramount Comedy to perform at the prestigious Just For laughs comedy festival.

More recently, Palomares has toured Australia in a combination cooking program and stand-up comedy show called Palomares Cooks Calamares. In 2006 he and his old buddy George Kapiniaris co-hosted The Foosy Show, a program where contestants play table football (foosball).

The future holds stand-up in Spanish in Argentina , the US and Spain while King Kohonas keeps touring the world.

In the mean time – From Miami, Florida, King Kohonas, takes cabaret by the balls…and shakes it.

Sept 18 – Oct 5