Jugg Life is exceptionally entertaining.

When it comes to the fringe festival, you never know what to expect,

However, when you go to a Circus OZ event you are certain it will be something good.

“Jugg Life” is one of the most delightful and exceptionally entertaining performances.

Who says that juggling is repetitious?

 Byron Hutton and Richard Sullivan are not only masters of this art; they are also very funny, the split timing is amazing as they not only juggle clubs, hoops, and balls.

They interact between themselves and the audience; they throw items at each other in attempts to put the other off with no avail yet incorporating that item into their juggle paten.

The battle wars and artistry is amazing, as they juggle and mix sets of green and white rings between themselves and then juggle them out into separate colour sets.

Or they juggle while between the two of them while unscrambling a Rubix’s cube, which passes from one to the other.

Skilful juggling at its best, two-handed, three handed and four-handed juggling, the pace is nonstop.

There is no doubt, they will keep you entertained.