Theatre owes a lot to costume designers. They design things down to the last stitch, to make sure performers look their best when they walk out on stage. Here at Theatre People, we wondered what would happen if performers were left to their own devices? How disastrous could it be? Really?

So. We want to see your pictures of your best homemade costumes!! Send them through to [email protected] and we will post them on the site! The more elaborate the better!!

Maybe you went to party as Jean Valjean? Maybe you went as Sally Bowles? Maybe on a slow Friday evening, you lie around the house dressed as Mufasa? Send them through, and we will post them on this page. All comers taken, they just have to be theatrical (in some way) (He-Man counts).

Here’s one valiant effort (trust me, you do NOT want to see what we had to blur out):

Spider Man -- Turn On the Dark!

Get on it!


First submission from Jason Lord: “Might not be very theatre related, but this is my costume from our Halloween party last year, about 20 hours work…”

Jason Lord Lego Man

Sean Bryan: “The finale of a solo show I did once was based on Priscilla, so I made these fabulous accessories. The eyes are made from the frames of those 3D glasses you get from the cinema!”

Sean Bryan Priscilla

Our own Laura Carroll: “I hang around Her Maj every night dressed like this, just in case they need me.”

Laura Carroll Costumes

Catherine Langley :  “A friend was having a Broadway themed birthday party. The best bit is I don’t sew at all! The entire thing is hot glue gunned together, including the top and therefore weighs about 15 kilos!”

Catherine Langley Costume

Two awesome pics from Shannon: Here is a costume I made of the Corpse Bride!! Hope you like it!

Corpse Bride

And a much belated Simba : “The costume makeup I did for my daughter, Zarah, when she performed the role of “Simba the Lion”, doesn’t she look good?”

Zarah Simba

Another Laura Carroll creation, this time she’s a green fairy!

Laura Carroll Green fairy

Andy Nisbet (our editor in chief’s bro): “Ladies, now you know who to call…”

Andy Nisbet Ghostbusters

Andy Nisbet Ghostbusters

Andy Nisbet Ghostbusters