Things that take ten minutes: Preheating an oven; The time the average person will wait in a queue before getting annoyed; The song ‘Spring Song’ by Gryphon (Treason, 1977); The period between my alarm going off and the snooze button kicking in; The time it took me to write this article.

This article, like its’ subject, is to be short and sweet. Partly because it seemed to me to be a witty way to present it, and partly because, in truth, I’m a little lazy.

So, here goes nothing…

Short+Sweet is designed to provide a “professional platform for artists to create and present brand new short works” and they are currently appearing at the Melbourne Cabaret Festival this weekend. Together they are presenting a showcase featuring “a delectable tasting plate of talent”. Now, how can you argue with that?

You are invited to see just what this plate of performers can do with 10 minutes. This show features a “thrilling selection of acts from Short+Sweet Cabaret 2010” (*Read: that means they were so good people want to see them again), including performances by Hannah Williams, Emille Johnston, Madeline Hudson and Paul Bourke, Dace and Mara Kapsis, Jordan Bowering and Anna Boulic.

The 10 minute periods include shows Mercedes Benz… Awkwardly (People's Choice 2010), Porcelain Punch Traveling Medicine Show, Two of a Kind (Finalist 2010), Torn – Ten Minutes of First Dates (Best Writing and Runner Up 2010) and Chants Des Catacombes (Winner 2010).

Got 10 minutes?*

Short+Sweet is on at the Council Chamber, South Melbourne Town Hall, South Melbourne on Friday 22nd July, Saturday 23rd July and Sunday 24th July. All three shows are at 6.15pm. Approx. Show Duration: 60 minutes. Tickets: $35/$32.

*Note: Actual show is a compilation of acts, so what we’re really asking is, “Got 6 x 10 minutes?”