The Butterfly Club welcomes Britni Leslie’s one woman show Shhh its and Giggles for an evening of cabaret and personal revelations about her journey to becoming an adult.

Like many western women Britni reveals that as a child her expectations of adult life were crafted from fairytales, princesses and an assumption that when she grew up she would look like a full size human Barbie.

Accompanied by her piano player Tim Verdon, who offered some well timed comedic interjections, Britni takes the audience on a journey through the highs and lows of growing up in the 21st century. In contrast to the themes of getting older that Britni offers us as content in the piece; the entire show is contextualised with a fusion of altered Disney princess songs and the telling of her own fairytale story.

Although Britni’s intentions for the show are clear; for me it felt as though a lot of comedic opportunities were lost and for the most part I was unsure if Britni was making fun of her childish expectations of adult life or simply telling us about them. At certain points throughout the show Britni pauses her fairytale story and stops addressing the audience in prose to play her game Shhh it’s and Giggles with the us. Addressing the audience directly in this context did offer a welcome break from the cabaret and storytelling along with providing Britni with ample opportunities to improvise, however I did feel that these weren’t used to their full potential.

Although Britni is clearly well rehearsed, parts the show seemed like more of a work in progress than a completely finished piece. Britni goes on to present some interesting themes surrounding feminism, self image and the irony of social media but left plenty of room for development, especially in a comedic sense.

Despite most of the show being a light hearted representation of her life; there were a few heartfelt moments in the piece which Britni conveyed with both humour and sincerity.

As a whole, the show was well rehearsed and the form coherent; personally I just felt that there was a lot that could be expanded on regarding both content and delivery.