Do you believe in magic…perhaps twenty years from now this is a story you’ll remember.

Celeste Cody is the Artistic Director of AtticErratic – who have just come off their huge success Ad Nauseam at LaMama – but for this project, is embarking on an independent venture. Seven Stories is a work that appeals to Cody on many levels “ I love magic, theatre and music and get to combine all three in this unique show,” she says.

Seven Stories is intriguingly billed as: ‘magic but not what you would expect’ so it is no wonder it holds an allure. The concept is devised and performed by Vyom Sharma, a doctor and magician, and scored by Stephanie Spiers. Cody finds her role within this project creatively satisfying and challenging. “Seven Stories is a passion project for Steph, Vyom and myself,” she says.”Combining our strengths to create something unique and all learning from each other in the process. I have been able to develop as a director and take risks that I have not encountered before in the last 8 years directing.”

The meeting between Cody and Sharma has proven to be fortuitous. The appeal of magic is universal and ancient and Sharma’s shows have sold out before. The show is a blend of magic, theatre and storytelling that inspires but at the same time challenges.  “There is something wonderful about a production that is dangerous,” says Cody. “Seven Stories is a project that scares us and excites us because we have no idea how the audience will receive it. Being a blend of Cabaret/magic/theatre/story-telling, it’s risky. Vyom is very passionate about a magic show that offers more to the audience than flashy jackets and carbon copied effects. Seven Stories is a blend of magic and theatre that will hopefully be unlike any magic show before and offer tricks that are unconventional and unseen.”

Cody outlines her initial meeting with Sharma which was through a mutual actor friend named Alex. “Alex had the idea of getting a director for the show that he, Vyom and another magician, Luke were working on for Comedy Festival and I was the chosen one.” Explains Cody. “I went to the initial meeting having no idea what to expect and found working with magic exciting. Vyom and I became great friends and he asked me to come on board for his solo project Seven Stories. Since then, the two of us have developed the show with the musician Steph through the Melbourne Magic Festival and the Adelaide Fringe Festival and are now finding a new home in Chapel Off Chapel.”

Sharma’s creation is certainly unique in style as well as juxtaposition of content. This is a snug fit for Cody’s own philosophy which embraces both entertaining and thought provoking theatre.  “I hope that the audience will feel that they have experienced something unlike a regular magic show, or theatre show,” she says. “Hopefully they will leave with the sense of satisfaction that comes from the wonder of magic and the excitement of clever storytelling.”

Cody’s clear message to the public is: “Take a chance on something different… hopefully the gamble pays off in ways you cannot imagine… not that you have a choice… it’s fated… it’s magic!”

Seven Stories will play at Chapel Off chapel form May 9