Emily Vascotto’s Screw Loose follows a girl looking for her Disney fairy tale. She’s looking for Mr Right, when all she’s finding is a world full of Mr Wrongs. They don’t seem to like it when she uses their toothbrush or is in their house: they cheat on her or get deported – or various other disasters – every single time. Something’s got to give. Perhaps it’s Vascotto’s clingy *coughstalkingcough* tendencies? Follow an unstable woman’s journey through love and therapy, and be swept away to a world where normal boundaries just don’t seem to exist.

Vascotto’s vocals are undeniably sensational. Navigating difficult melodies with apparent ease, it is a real delight to listen to her sing. Her gorgeous tone weaves through all sorts of songs and all sorts of lyrics, making even the most sinister thoughts sound warm. Her slick dance-moves and alarming anecdotes tie up Screw Loose into a neat little package of creepiness.

On the media night, it felt clear that Screw Loose is a hilarious show with plenty of heart, but the moderate audience didn’t seem to connect with as many jokes as it should have. Perhaps more eye contact from Vascotto could help remedy this disconnect, particularly as The Butterfly Club’s space is close-quarters and allows for a more intimate performance. Perhaps it was just a dud crowd. It certainly felt as though Vascotto deserved more laughs than she received.

Occasionally the things Vascotto sings about feel like they are crossing the line from funny to disturbing. Vascotto’s ‘crazy’ could be bigger and more outrageous to help ease this, though it still nailed the funny commentary on the crazy clingy committer. If you’re going to visit comic crazy-town, it’s best to throw in some stalking.

As a RAW Comedy finalist, and Brisbane’s Short + Sweet Festival’s Best Cabaret and Best Cabaret Artist, Vascotto knows how to please a crowd. She’s comfortable and commanding on a stage and clearly has a wicked sense of humour.

Restraining orders aside, this fun story of a lady unlucky in love and life will make you laugh as you shift uncomfortably in your seat. Chances are, you probably know someone who displays some of Vascotto’s characteristics (but hopefully not someone who has actually done anything in this show).

This show will have you second-guessing every overly emotional ex-partner’s actions and words. Screw Loose is an entertaining and twisted show put together by a bright cabaret performer. Emily Vascotto is one to keep an eye on.

Screw Loose is part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival and is on at The Butterfly Club until 19 September 2016.