The title alone is enough to catch your eye and make you curious. Who wouldn’t look twice at a billboard with this graphic splashed across it? More importantly, who wouldn’t go see it? Inspired by a pay-for-use toilet in Europe, Urintetown is a fantastic satirical comedy musical about – you guessed it – urine. Set in a society in which a twenty-year drought has caused water shortages to the point where private bathrooms are unthinkable, the show centres on the concept of having to pay for ‘the privilege to pee.’

SBOCArts (St Bernard’s Old Collegian Arts Productions) has decided to take on this show after the success of its last production, The 25th Annual Putnum County Spelling Bee. As a volunteer, non-for-profit arts group, SBOCArts was created with the intention of giving the Old Collegians a chance to continue performing, as well – of course – as entertaining an audience with traditionally ‘Off-Broadway’ small-scale shows. They aim to choose shows with an underlying and engaging topic, which is why Urintetown is a perfect fit.

Having won three Tony awards, plus being nominated for a further seven including Best Musical, there is no doubt that the out-there concept has been a huge success. Having an incredibly distinctive story is not all that it boasts. “The music is unique with every number and goes from an awesome jazz song to a gospel inspired chorus number,” says Matt Allen, a cast member of the show playing the role of Tiny Tom. “The show is packed with hilarious scenes full of energy that will have the audience cheering and getting behind the rebellion.”

Possibly a key to the show’s great success is the fact that it also addresses some much more important facts of society in its satirical representation of the legal system, as well as highlighting the ideas of corporate mismanagement and money-making politics.

This, coupled with its hysterical parodies and unconventional plot-line seems to create the perfect harmony required of an entertaining yet thought-provoking show. It’s a difficult combination to master, but the cast is very much up to the task: “There are so many unique individuals that bring so much diverse talent to the table,” says Allen. “This show is strong right throughout the entire cast, from the great leads to the poor ensemble whom the audience becomes apart of as they fight for freedom!”

SBOCArts has "been working extremely hard to put together a great show within the short period of time that was available. The experience is so positive for every person involved and everyone has put in 100% and should proud of what [they] have created. The set is amazing and a big thank you to St.Bernards College for the space to rehearse and put on a show!”

If you’re looking to see a unique, entertaining, intriguing, and often hysterical show, go see SBOCArts’ Urinetown.

Opening tomorrow night and directed by Adam Grima, with musical direction from Rachel Cronin, Urinetown, promises to light up that stage. So don’t miss out!


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