A wonderfully romantic comedy about adultery…..

The famous plot of Bernard Slade’s 1975 Drama Desk winner Same Time, Next Year, currently treading the boards at Lilydale Athenaeum, is technically about the act of adultery.

It is 1951 and George and Doris have not only just met but have consummated their first meeting by sharing a bed in the Californian seaside bed and breakfast accommodation both will share once a year for the next 24 years.  Both are married to other people, share 6 kids between them – George is neurotic and guilt riddled, Doris is young, uneducated and pragmatic.
This is not just an affair, it is a love affair that survives throughout a changing America, including the Vietnam war, Doris’ hippy protests, the death of  George’s son, and the ups and downs of each of their marriages.  Their respective spouses and children are shared with one another through photos and stories as our two protagonists battle their own small  inconveniences like George’s  impotency and Doris’ ill timed pregnancy.
The Broadway production opened in 1975 with Ellen Burstyn as Doris and Charles Grodin as George.  It played a total of 1453 performances during its run.  It became a 1978 movie classic starring Alan Alda and Ellyn Burstyn
Same Time Next Year – a wonderfully romantic comedy about adultery is at Lilydale ATC now!
Lilydale ATCLilydale ATC – From 1888 onwards the people of Lilydale have constantly re-invented the Athenaeum building to fit in with the community’s ever changing needs.  As a result it has been a Mechanics’ Institute, a library, a community hall, a performance stage, a lecture hall, a place of worship, a meeting room, a cinema, an indoor sports stadium, a roller skating rink, a military drill hall, a work room, a venue for political forums, a polling booth, a ballroom, a concert hall and even a museum.

Since 1975, and founded by Russell Johnson and Geoff Page, it has been the home of the Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre Company, regarded as one of Victoria’s best non-professional drama companies.  The Company produces four shows annually, each running for a three week season, in addition to a number of other events and productions. 

 Same Time Next Year  by Bernard Slade
Directed by Alan Burrows
 The Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre Company 
Castella Street
March 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20,
23, 24, 25, 26, 27 at 8.30pm
matinee March 21st at 2.30pm
 prices $20.00   conc:  $25.00 adult credit cards accepted
Bookings 9735 1777  (message service available)
Office hrs: Mon, Tues & Fri,  10am-2pm.
More information about Lilydale ATC can be found here: