If following on a tradition by example then play on……

Described in the Sydney Press as ‘Emphatically Superb’ and ‘Breathtaking in its

Artistry’, Rudy & Cuthbert are the creation of Toby Blome and Zelman Cressey-Gladwin, recently graduated NIDA actors who found a gift in classic absurdism that developed into a sold out Sydney season in 2018. They are now readying for the Southbank, Lawler Theatre commencing a ten day season June 12 – 22.

In the same manner of other comedy greats Chaplin, Keaton, Harold Lloyd, Rudy & Cuthbert are two absurdist clowns, Vladimir and Estragon meet Gilbert & George, readying to bump in their version of the classic courtroom drama 12 Angry Men.

Surprised to find an audience waiting in their seats they soon realise what they thought was another day of rehearsals, is in fact their opening night…

It’s a story about Mentos, Ikea furniture, an 80’s Glamrock ballad, but most importantly it’s about love and friendship… a little something we all need at the moment.

Rudy & Cuthbert are a new entry to the Australian stage in a long history of partnerships, taking after duos such as Laurel & Hardy and our own Aussie lot, Los Trios Ringbarkus and Lano & Woodley. They are a silent pair that expresses themselves through physical comedy, non sequitur and parody.

What saves both of them from crippling anxiety in the midst of their many failures is their connection to each other. Rudy needs Cuthbert’s clear head and decisive action and Cuthbert needs Rudy’s ecstatic spontaneity.

Together they lead an audience through a catharsis of joy and understanding rooted in a deep human reliance on each other.

June 12 – 22