Ruby’s Wish, a heart-warming tale of friendship, hope and the blurred lines between fantasy and reality, conceived by performer, writer and comedian Holly Austin, will be presented at Arts Centre Melbourne from 12 – 13 May. The story follows the unlikely friendship between Ruby, a sick seven-year-old confined to her hospital bed and Dot, a socially awkward clown doctor. The pair embark on a series of imaginative adventures that transform Ruby’s hospital room into a playful wonderland.

Ruby is everything a little girl should be: brazen, hopeful and bright-eyed but unlike most girls her age is stuck in a hospital bed and still believes in wishes. Dot is a clown doctor grown-up, who is misunderstood and misunderstands. She misinterprets and mostly mistrusts words and works with sound, music and mime instead.

As Ruby and Dot form an unlikely friendship, the hospital room becomes a wonderland of mop monsters, bed caves, giant cranes and distorted fairy stories. Pillows become clouds and only a tip truck worth of chocolate mousse can crush the bedroom baddies.

Ruby’s Wish celebrates the imagination and proves there is no harm in believing. Mixing puppets with people and true stories with false, Ruby’s Wish plays on the edge of fantasy and reality with comedy, animation, beat boxing and clowning.

May 12 – 13